Pregnant women with an overweight child are more likely to leave

Pregnant women with an overweight child are more likely to leave

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If a woman has a significant pregnancy rate before pregnancy, she also thinks a lot during the pre-natal period;

Pregnant women with an overweight child are more likely to leave

In the past thirty years, the number of overweight children has virtually doubled, while the number of obese people has increased by four. In 2012, more than a third of teenagers struggled with the risk, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "It's important to understand that childhood obesity Anny H. Xiang. "All indications are that one of the main goals of prevention programs should be to reduce the maternal weight and to make children healthier," he says.
Research has shown that women with a body mass index of 30 or more before pregnancy have children up to 2 years old twice as likely to be overweightsuch as children of normal body mass index women. If a woman is exercising too much during pregnancy, she is 23 percent more likely to have extra kicks at the age of 2.
"It's worthwhile to breastfeed if possible, because babies who are breast-fed until the age of six months are less likely to become pregnant by 24 years," the expert added.
The study analyzed data from 15,710 Southern California women.
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