If you do not go to the dentist, your child will not

If you do not go to the dentist, your child will not

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If parents go to dental check-ups regularly, it will be much easier to get the kids to do it, according to an American study.

You have to go to the custody with your parents

As childhood tooth decay becomes more common, parents' programs should be targeted at children's dental care programs. 6107 children and their parents questioned between the age of two and thirteen dr. Inyang Isong, the Massachusetts Central Children's Hospital, and it turned out that in the year preceding the survey, 77% of children and 64% of adults visited dentists.However, 86 percent of parents of children who regularly go to the dentist have undergone dental examinationsas opposed to 63 percent in the other group. Most of the parents who participated in the examination worked and had health insurance, but many did not go to the dentist because of the material.
Caries is one of the most common chronic diseases, in particular, shields minorities and children living in poor financial conditions. The American Dental Association recommends that the first dental visit be made before the first birth day of the child so that prevention is not overlooked and home pediatricians should be made aware of this.
"Kids have a lot of habits with their parents," said Mary Hayes, a children's tooth in Chicago, an advocate of the American Dental Association. "Parents need to appreciate it for proper oral hygiene for children."
The exam was reported on the website of the Pediatrics journal.
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