Tips for Aberration nights

Tips for Aberration nights

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If the child has already passed two, it is mostly a problem that he does not sleep at night. Changing the environment and homeopathy can help a lot.

There may be several reasons if the baby is not sleeping well

The cause may be a lack of daily rhythm, fatigue, too late a dinner, a cluttered bedroom, a food allergy or some mental problem. Frequent nightmares in children can be caused by fright or a stirring movie. The reason for sleep deprivation, which is characteristic of most of the years and years of fire, is that the part of the brain that controls the muscles does not go out of sleep. In childhood dysfunctional sleep, there is some relief homeopathic remedial treatment you can also help. For occasional sleep related problems, homeopathy suggests symptomatic agents.The rule for taking symptomatic drugs is as follows: one night before sleeping, he must take his balls over ten days. Alternatively, the baby may be dissolved in water, the dose being a small amount.

If the baby

- scared, not sleep due to shock - sisakvirбg (Aconitum) - sleeps with eyes open, flippers, and awkwardly awkward, can't be comforted - chamomile (Chamomilla) - upset, worried by nature, peeing a lot, light bulb - yellow jasmine (Gelsemium - waking up at 4 in the morning, grumpy, unkind, little guy - hбnytatуdiу (Nux vomica) - sleeps in the stomach, grits the tooth, tends to get tired - black sir (Cina) - After waking up, he starts playing - kбvй (Coffea) - sleepy, lean, maybe big head - szilнcium (Silicea) - screaming and screaming - phosphorus (Phosphorus) - Head Sweaty, Head Lying - calcium karbonбt (Calcium carbonicum) - after a bad night does not sleep successively - kokkuluszcserje (Cocculus)