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How do you choose high school for your child?

How do you choose high school for your child?

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Kid-centered, environmentally friendly, capacity-building, family-oriented. Almost all kindergartens set this up for themselves. But the essence is in the details.

Naturally, you want to choose the best for the little ones. But more important than any parenting program, specialty the kid should feel comfortable in the new place, and it depends primarily on the person you are sleeping with. The best way to find the perfect young ladies is to go to the open day of the surrounding nursery school and get in the mood. You can check out these at the websites of the schools.

How do you choose high school for your child? Go open days!

The government

If you think the state's are the same, only their control is different, then you will survive! There are places where you can choose between mixed groups and age groups. There is where groups working on different educational programs are (pйldбul Freinet, Montessori, Lйpйsrхl lйpйsre) mбshol fordнtanak kьlцnцs attention to kцrnyezetvйdelemre, йs is where integrбlt oktatбs going on: one or in groups kйt sajбtos nevelйsi igйnyы, mozgбssйrьlt, lбtбssйrьlt children jбr.Ha tehбt бllami уvodбk kцzьl vбlogathatsz, these йrdemes also get to know it thoroughly. What is almost certain is that the population of the state is 25 inhabitants. For the time being, a child is counted as two to three square meters.


Unfortunately, more and more parents think that the developer cannot be started too earlyand puts your child into power beyond his or her early years. Longitudinal studies (which track the fate of children) prove that "life-earning money" is neither validated by ECI nor by school marks. A healthy child also develops by itself, if he / she is safe and in an interesting environment. Children who are underdeveloped due to their health problems or for other reasons need to be developed. The "special English", computer science, maths profession is not the language of kindergarten. Learning to play does not matter if the games have a ton of emphasis and not performance. Children aged 3-5 years develop the most in free play. If you are luring an outside doorman, treat it with reservation!

Two of the most popular alternatives

Schools that provide an alternative pedagogical program are becoming more and more popular, as they demonstrate that a holistic, holistic approach and understanding of the specific needs of children can create good mood the unity of the little ones can come true.The aforementioned Montessori believes in the liveliness of children. Their special toys prepare the little ones for school without being taken to school. Allow yourself to begin to measure, relate, count, recognize letters and certain natural laws. Learn lessons in the ovis but many playful, entertaining, experiential children. Waldorf schools are always the starting point for parents. The ovis are dealt with by you, who may be "brothers" or "nieces". Although they focus on Christian culture and celebrations, they are the focus of activities, not ecclesiastical or religious schools. There is a strong emphasis on social activities - narrative, cooking, talking - but there is no obligation to take part in anything. In the classical Waldorf-ovi, the lower age limit for beginners in nursery is only for adolescents, and ovi is open only for children. However, there are several three-year-olds and "sleepwalking" Waldorfs adapted to the needs of our time. Other useful articles:
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