This is not a child's play - Safer Parenting

This is not a child's play - Safer Parenting

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Our children have a responsibility to bear the responsibility that they are incapable of doing. The foresighted parent will acquire the essential safety of transporting a baby before the baby is born.

This is not a child's play - Safer Parenting

The New World is coming

One of the most wonderful and exciting times in our lives is childhood and parenting. Pregnant mothers who are in the blessed state want to give the utmost safety to their newborn babies. Sometimes they are almost sick and protect them. Almost forever, it was believed that the baby was in the safest place in the mother's belly. This is more or less the case, but be aware that our newborn baby in the "New World" will receive the safety and comfort. This safety also applies to traveling in a state-of-the-art mummy car. between breasts and the abdomen should be hot.

Safety of children in the car

Wherever you go - whether traveling for a few kilometers or longer - it is not a good idea to get the right kind of baby for your little one before you leave.
In Hungary, the mandatory use of a baby car is required from January 1, 2002: "A passenger car is backpacked for children up to 12 years and up to 150 cm lower in child safety need to be screwed. "Erхs fйkezйskor or sajnбlatosan bekцvetkezett accident esetйn szemйlyek those who are not megfelelхen rцgzнtve the gйpkocsiba the sebessйgtхl fьggхen megfelelх the testsъlyuk tцbbszцrцsйnek erхvel csapуdnak the elхttьk lйvх tбrgyaknak, or worse, who repьlhetnek the jбrmыbхl.A children mйretьkbхl fakadуan (physical their values ​​as others) cannot hold on, and since their feet do not fall down, they cannot support themselves, so when they are ready they will not fall asleep (). for children, according to UNECE Regulation 44/03 (ECE R44 / 030). , has In Hungary, only approved, quality approved seats can be manufactured, marketed and installed in a car. Approval is represented by the encircled letter E.

One child, three

The ъjszьlцtt kуrhбzbуl tцrtйnх hazaszбllнtбsa rйgen "mуzeskosбrban" tцrtйnt, which you have already manapsбg not йppen the legbiztonsбgosabb szбllнtбsi-technikбk kцzй fall because the infant is not megfelelхen rцgzнtve, нgy йrzйkeny, weak body "himbбlуzik 'fro, kitйve kьlцnbцzх sйrьlйsek veszйlyйnek. To help keep baby safe, manufacturers have developed baby packs. Applying this will place the child in a stable, resting position, significantly less risk of death than the use of the old "mousetrap". with a three-point security year.
The following size is already a very large form of life. Like the animals in the previous category, they can be used from the age of 1-2 months until the age of one. The third variant is the height of life, which has a dual function: one lifts the child to the three-point boom, and the other causes the child to fall. Heights can also be used with a pivotal security year; this is especially recommended if your child is not tall enough.

Portable Weight (0-13 kg)

In childhood, the weight of the head in relation to the stock exchange is greater than that of adults, which increases the risk of spinal cord injury. Moving home from the hospital can be a safe defense. These lifes are usually designed for first-time use in the passenger, but can be attached to the rear (Reboard system), but can also be attached to the rear as described in the user manual. body. Removed from the car can also be used as a carrier.As an important consideration when it comes to car installation. It is advantageous to have a cushion that can "stabilize" the child. Must be purchased outside of a special headgear or ankle boots. Okay, if you have a portable babysitter because the sunlight in the side window can be confusing.
It is strictly forbidden to carry infants and young children in the open, as in the case of strong or moderate bruising, the adult may fall over!

Toddler up to 3 years and up to 135 cm

Children need up to 135 cm in height and 150 cm can travel like adults. Between 135cm and 150cm (and over 3 years of age), the child does not need to be anchored in the child restraint system if he / she is traveling backwards and can be securely fastened to the height of the child. This is a time when many people are gaining height, but this is not a requirement under the Highway Code. It is good to choose a car that is "near by" because these seats are already large enough to be fitted with a driving belt a week later, and prove to be too short for anchorage. It is advantageous to adjust the tilt of the child to the structure of the water, thus enabling the child to be placed in a comfortable position independently of the auto position. Variable cushioning is useful, but adjustable widths are better, so your child's pelvis can always be secure. In these seats, the car's safety belt is used only for fastening, and the child is protected by his or her own safety belt. Okay, if your own year has a stretcher and more than three points - two across the shoulder, one between the legs, two at the pool.

Bigger children

If a child older than 12 years does not reach 150cm, a tall waistcoat should be used. Otherwise, children of such age will already benefit from a safety belt fitted for adults. In new carriages, the upper link point of the strap can be adjusted to create a favorable height for your child.


Keep your child safe from childhood onwards! Large manufacturers offer more unique solutions that make our children more secure and comfortable. Thickened baby cover and anatomical training for comfortable and secure baby care, extended belt system for better power distribution spine and head protection йrdekйben. In city traffic, most accidents occur sideways, so it is important to have a stable head-on sidewalk. The parent is the most authentic example of a child. If your child sees that the car will only start when everyone is engaged, it will be natural for them. If your baby is scrubbing, don't "drop your heart" or take your child out of safety when traveling.

We strive for quality

The "E" sign certifying the quality is an important aspect of all the life categories, and furthermore reliable reliability. One of the most important aspects is how child safety is guided and protected by the car. A neat, smooth-running belt is rare - true, according to experts, the belt straps a lot. At the time of purchase, the workability of the baby's water is important, and whether the water is made of metal, plastic or a combination of these, they are more stable. With the newest parenting, side protection plays an important role. Well, if your baby's upholstery can be removed for cleanliness. When thinking about what type of childhood to buy, you should be aware of the following concepts:
  • Universal - Can be fitted to any car
  • Semi-universal - can only be fitted on specific vehicles and may require minor modifications or additional mounting points, but provides a precise description of the operating instructions. However, additional locations can only be created with a service technology team.
  • Special - only for certain models
  • ISOFIX + universal - only applicable to models of specific vehicles in the ISOFIX system
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