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Common or external cashier?

Common or external cashier?

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They raise their children together, but they do not invest money. It is a distinct contradiction, but not an isolated one. Is it possible to have a life outside the coffin?

Does having a coffin or an ex-cashier bring about sustained happiness?

In the past, household finances have also meant a common wallet, and for some couples today, besides the family certificate, the budget does not miss. Of course, outside the family, the cashier also has a number of grades: it starts with a dip in cash and goes all the way until the couple doesn't know much about their income.

We do not owe each other an explanation

"It soon became clear that we were facing the opposite with money in the opposite direction" - Klaudia, the annual Leila mamбja. "We had many debates. Pйter clean and I think I spend unnecessarily. The decision came about when I had to say why I bought five hundred forints in turquoise. I realized: we don't need a bank account. We are both willing, So at least we don't fight for moneybecause we simply do not owe an explanation. By the time we have a baby, we have developed a way of dividing the cost between us. Now he keeps his car, I pay my apartment credit, but my utility is my couple. I make smaller purchases and the market, and have trouble buying more food. I buy the clothes for the kid, but his father pays for kindergarten lunch. For larger expenses, we will discuss when to fit the scooter or bike into the frame. If you run out of money, I will ask you to buy the child's vitamin or what you need. " he didn't buy anything for himself, he didn't want to ask the couple who paid his home loan too. And for Leila, we open up an investment account that we'll pay in half, "he continues." Although we don't always talk about how much money others have, and everyone saves money, the year Peter paid everything, even if I can't support myself. "

Cross-designing outside your wallets

Miklós Chernok money advisor, author of the Reported Blog, says it is not uncommon for couples to contact me to talk about money and public credit, but to emphasize my split. "If we share all terьletйt the йletьnk egymбssal, it йs йvtizedeteket egyьtt leйlni, you do not cйlszerы financially to stay цnбllуnak" - suggests a specialist, because a lot of pйnzьgyi dцntйst have to make a layette megvбsбrlбsбtуl the otthonteremtйsen йs valу the nyaralбsra takarйkoskodбson бt egйszen children university tandнjбnak elхteremtйsйig And the safety of our resting years to the utmost care. If you don't have a wallet, it's difficult to plan also, everyone expects to be clean for the other, and often finds that they borrow without one another, use a credit card, because - as well as being a household - they are both wealthy.

The relationship is clear

Roboz Gabriella The psychologist believes that the way money is managed in the family reflects exactly what we think about the relationship and what we expect from it. If a relationship is working well, you cannot even upset one of the parties if they lose their jobs or lose their income, because the balance of emotionality is maintained regardless of this. ad and hood, and the balance and intimacy of intimacy and sovereignty, and they are even more important when it comes to our money. Therefore, it is not the family budget budget that seems strange, or the parties' contribution rate, but that it should be the result of mutual consultation and decision-making.

Ene, you know, ours

Rйkбйk its method of managing money is not an ordinary one, and may even seem complicated to the outsider. However, the pregnant mother felt she needed so much independence, convinced her and worked well in practice. a combination of separate and common numbers"We opened up a crowd with ours when we were getting ready for our wedding," says the mother-of-two, who is currently living poorly. "We both refer to the size of our income in relation to home loans, utilities, food, child-related expenses, and here we also have everything we can do for ourselves. It is clear to you how much it contributes to your family life, but you also have the freedom to own your own money. An English Financial Advisor on this page recommends that the father pay the housework to the mother at home, so the mother refers to the common word. it would really be too complicated, okay regrettably, my brother also often takes part in household chores. "

Under load

Timiйk there has been a lot of controversy in the money lately, here too the chick feels that Timi it stretches beyond what their blankets are for. Since taking out a home loan, you have to pay special attention to the money: "Because my son feels that paying my monthly loan may be in jeopardy, he has stopped accessing his account," Marci (3) and Lilla (5) her mother. "I have to pay some fixed costs and make smaller income on my own, and she pays the credit, the overhead, the groceries, the groceries, the groceries, the groceries, and the groceries. You used to say that this is not one-man control, it's just a matter of control, and if there is no credit, then we will have a common color with ours. it didn't fall well. It's like a downgrade. "

Economy or exercise of power?

"If money is a problem with the family, it often has a more serious relationship problem in the background: money has become a tool for exercising powerto assert dominance and to disrupt the partner's autonomy, "says the psychologist. And if you are in a long-term, financially or emotionally subordinate position, then most of the time, you can do it yourself. one of the more sporadic, the other is more or sometimes impulsive, it can be more or less important. they also get involved in ice skating money is also about smaller secrets, but of course, as long as we do not use them to go back against others.

Death save dugipénz

Kata йs Mбtй from the very first moment they are in a coffers, they also run their business together. They thought they couldn't surprise each other for a while. That's it. But I wouldn't mind. "We have spent a few minutes in the womenswear on the selected but more expensive couch, when I just lost my husband. I have fifty thousand dugouts, "says Kata.Related Articles:
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