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Mother Company of Yv

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Do you have kids and ideas? Then it may be easy for you to think about empowering yourself! Once you get started, you can use your experience as well. Whichever group you belong to, the Rich Mommy offers interesting bites.

-, for the third time in 2012, awards the Mother of the Year Award to the mother who has written the highest performance for children. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that mothers also have a rather precarious labor market situation: during the competition we present mothers who were not afraid to put their own feet. With small children, family, housework, we have started their own business - and set an example for all mothers! - you can read the inquiry on the Rich Mommy site.
Sounds exciting, doesn't it?
It's a lot of fun to go biking, who in your business has so many fantasies about getting started, and basically spending some of your non-existent leisure time making money. Perhaps enough for the family to survive. Of particular interest is the fact that it is difficult to find and keep a mother's job, and it is not easy to organize with many children to work part-time for the children and the family. We are in the middle of an economic prospect, which is also sensitive to companies that have decades of experience, proven products and services on the market. People have to think a thousand times what to spend on what to reduce family income. Under such circumstances, it takes a really big wage to start a new business, find ideas that have something new and worth thinking about too:
Now you can vote!
You can find help and ideas on the Rich Mum site if you are thinking about starting something like this, but you don't really know where to go. The age of the Internet has also provided countless opportunities for you to learn with kids, without having to move out of the way, get new information at lightning speed, and make your business popular, meaningless. If you know of small-business mothers-to-be who have won, you can apply until April 22. If you already have your favorite among the current competitors, you can vote on it with just one click. Find out how many people are in the market and find interesting ideas!
You may also have a few plans to implement in you. Perhaps this is what gives the beginner the shot to step into the field of action. We are sure that we will all take part in a multi-year creativity course, learn to adapt flexibly to challenges, and our problem-solving abilities will improve significantly. Why not use it in a professional business?


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