You get $ 2.5 million for free, who expect a baby to be 3 years old

You get $ 2.5 million for free, who expect a baby to be 3 years old

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Practically free and risk-free, you can get a little over $ 2.5 million for a baby who plans to have a baby in the next 3 years. No credit, no tax and free to use.

Get $ 2.5 Million Free on Baby Beyond 3 Years (photo: iStock)Sooo Peter, the author of The Basic Blog shows you how to get $ 2.6 million freely available in the public. The solution is to build a state-backed loan and a state-backed government paper. "The constructive nature of arbitrage is that it is only picked up when it is only 3 months before the baby is born. That way, you can immediately apply for a pause in your interest payment (for 3 years). in the first 3 years, "Sooos says. In addition, the term of the loan is from 20 to 23 years. The loan will also be interest free. That is, we get a 10 million forints, 23-year, interest-free, free-of-credit. And if a second child were to be born, then 30% of the outstanding debt would be forgiven, and if the third child, the full credit would be released. Let's get (and get) the credit. Then the interest and capital repayments on the loan are suspended. So we get a free, interest-free, $ 10 million loan for 20 years. Hungarian Government Securities guarantees us a 5% annual interest payment for 5 years, plus no state guarantee. "With 10 Million Forints, we open a bank account with the Hungarian Treasury and open a bank account. There, too, there are free account management and purchase transactions. If you do not have an interest-free loan for 3 years, but you are not a second child, then you will have to pay $ 50,000 a year, just like the cost of a state guarantee, but the loan itself is free of interest. we will get back $ 12,734,987 on the original $ 10 million invested in. My model is still running, so it requires you to close the loan from the money you make in the meantime, the state guarantee cost is $ 50,000 for two years. $ 2,634,987 will be the parent of a child If you have a second child, we'll earn an additional $ 3,000,000, and if you have a third baby, then the total is $ 12,634,987.
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