In an emergency, the emergency department helped

In an emergency, the emergency department helped

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New colors, fairy tale scenes, flower and animal images, playful figures painted on the walls: At first glance, the Emergency Ambulance at Heim Paul Children's Hospital does not look like a hospital.

Kid friendly

After more than a year of preparatory work at Heim Pediatric Hospital, the country has opened and the first complex Pediatric Emergency Room for Children in the Central Region. For readers of HziziPatika prof. Dr. György Harmat, Chief Medical Officer introduced the latest section of the hospital. The Ministry of Health has created a state-of-the-art support center through significant financial support from the Metropolitan Government. The finanszнrozбs alapjбt reported in 2006 announced the Egйszsйgьgyi Minisztйrium posts by these people sьrgхssйgi pбlyбzat, which was HUF 145 milliу the kуrhбz йs to tбrsult the Fхvбrosi Цnkormбnyzat Egйszsйgьgyi Ьgyosztбlya 24 milliу, the Hungarian Fejlesztйsi Bank 35 milliу йs DM LTD. 15 hozzбjбrulбsбval HUF milliу. The Emergency Center was developed at the ground floor level of the building. In addition to state-of-the-art design, great attention has been paid to the interior design, classroom and reception level and color scheme. In addition to the professional aspects of patient reception, blood and examiners, we have never forgotten to receive and treat patients in a cultured, friendly environment. With the help of domestic and European support, a whole decorating team worked to ensure that the class met the requirements of "child friendly". We can prove it succeeded: ceramic toy figures of Vera Czemky, cheerful pictures painted on the walls, sunny, cool colors can inspire confidence in the little patients who arrive, and they can draw their attention here.

In case of an emergency

The balance has been in operation since June, if not completely. It has a very high volume of traffic, with 30-50 patients arriving daily. In the courtyard of the hospital, a two-wheeled ambulance will soon be ready, and the investment will include a level-winning helicopter that can be authorized and executed.
Not only ambulances, but also parents can arrive here with sick children. Newcomers are first welcomed by the Triassic, who chooses where to go and pre-selects. The SBO is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment for the emergency care of children, a well-equipped dashboard and a skilled staff. Equipped with a non-shocking location, it is capable of handling both acute and life-threatening situations as well as minor surgical interventions. There are two surgeries and two internal examinations, and of course there is a separate room. After a maximum of 24 hours of emergency care, the child is either admitted to the hospital or taken home, and the child's general practitioner provides further treatment.

It's for Pénz

The lying area is also ready. It is designed for eight patients (with six large and two infants), each equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and testing tools. The medical counter was placed in the middle of the gym so that the patients could keep an eye on the little patients. Bathroom, even a small kitchen belongs to the lying area. Unfortunately, although the hospital has all the necessary equipment, due to financial problems, the SBO's lying facility still does not work because the OEP has not yet secured the child support. As the Director General said, within the limits of the volume limit, this activity does not include it, with the hospital still having 200-250 patients per month, ie 30-35 billion HUF. Currently, the hospital receives $ 3.5 million to operate the Emergency Department, and if you receive the Emergency Frame together with the landscape, you will have $ 7.5 million available, but full operation would require about $ 12-14 million.

When can I get it?

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playback A day-to-day center at any time of the week provides full-fledged specialist medical assistance to incoming pediatric patients. We accept small patients from the capital and the regional area, you do not need to visit, only the standard documents, ie the TAJ card, the living card, the patient ID. If parents with an acute illness are unable to contact their home doctor, but the child's condition requires medical attention, they may seek SBO. For example, high fever, loss of consciousness, vomiting, spasms, epileptic seizures, drowning, numbness, accidental injury, drug or other toxicity. They may also seek help if a child with a chronically ill condition worsens unexpectedly, for example, in the case of a diabetic patient being treated, or during an episode of maintenance epilepsy. Diarrhea on its own does not justify turning to SBO, but if you are accompanied by vomiting or if your child is at risk of dehydration, sunshine, hygguta, etc. do not hesitate to ask for help here, ”said Gyarmy Harmat. (The pediatric, surgical, foreign, and toxicological care has already been provided by the Heim Paul Children's Hospital).