In Europe, the hunting ticks are spreading

In Europe, the hunting ticks are spreading

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In another country, a dangerous tick appeared. Earlier, the tick species was also identified in Hungary.

Even in a European country, a dangerous tick has appearedIn Northeastern Holland a Hyalomma marginatum for ticks. Ticks of up to 6 millimeters are often hunted and killed. In its advanced state, larger mammals heart blood, larvae and, in the subsequent developmental phase, attack mainly birds. They are also able to travel great distances from migratory birds - he wants to live in North Africa and Asia, but also in eastern and southern Europe. In the past, Hyalomma marginatum has also been identified in Hungary. The tick can also spread the virus that causes the Crimean Congo haemorrhagic fever. A dangerous microbial, Rickettsia aeschlimanniit, has been discovered by experts in the Netherlands to be responsible for the development of a disease called spotted fever.Related articles in tick ticks:
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