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Pediatricians are protesting about the dates of vaccinia

Pediatricians are protesting about the dates of vaccinia

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The vaccine against varicella, which is welcomed by all doctors, will be mandatory, but there is a great deal of anxiety about vaccination dates.

As of September, vaccination against varicella will be required, and will be given at two new vaccination dates, 13 and 16 months, respectively. In September, October and November, those who are 13 months old will be eligible for vaccination, while in December, 13 and 16 months will be vaccinated. Two doses of the vaccine fit into the vaccine regimen so that the babies will receive the vaccine at 2, 3 and 4, and 12, 13, 15, 16 and 18 months after birth. That is, the child will have to be taken to a doctor for compulsory vaccinations not six times, but eight times before the age of one - reports The vaccination series continues at the age of 6, and then ends at the primary school in grades 6 and 7 with one additional vaccination.Pediatricians are protesting against the introduction of varicella Obligatory vaccination against varicella has been advocated by the profession, as the disease affects more than 10,000 people a year, and its events can be rare but severe. According to the statistics of the National Center for Neapolitan Medicine, 24,000 cases of varicella were reported last year, 33 thousand in 2017, 38 thousand in 2016, 42 thousand in 2015 and 29 thousand in 2014. However, these numbers may be much higher in the country. As children have to go to the prescription more often.As the hardships of choosing vaccine dates affect a lot of doctors, at the end of April, the Hungarian pediatric nurses lead a medical doctor's letter. This meant that vaccination against varicella was allowed instead of 13 and 16 months of age, along with compulsory vaccinations at 15 and 18 months, respectively. The number of doctor-patient encounters would not appear. Vaccination against varicella can be safely administered with vaccines given at 15 and 18 months old. " antibodies may weaken the immune response. It is therefore advisable to start vaccination at 15 months, "he said. dr. Ferenc Kбdбr home pediatrician at Domestic professional recommendations have so far recommended 15 and 18 month vaccination schedules. In addition, extra vaccination sessions would significantly increase the number of on-call visits, not to mention that in the cold season this autumn there will be many children who cannot be also brings up: some vaccine doctors are not pediatric patients, but a general practitioner with mixed conditions who does not necessarily have the same experience in treating varicella with other vaccines as he / she should. it must also be given to children whose parents may be suspicious of vaccinations, they take all side effects very seriously, overlook them, or fear even side effects. Even so, their children also need to be protected and, if they do, they should be placed alongside the immunized. However, according to the chief medical officer, their fears would only be enhanced if their children were given two vaccines at once. The vaccine is also included in the vaccine schedule of 10 European countries at the age of 13 months or less. However, this is not erхsнti this formбban the Eurуpai Betegsйgmegelхzйsi йs Jбrvбnyvйdelmi Kцzpont nyilvбntartбsa.A officer fхorvos vбlaszбban highlighted that keeps mindenkйpp oltбs beadбsi idхpontjбt against bбrбnyhimlх 13 йs hуnapos age of 16 legoptimбlisabbnak.Az elutasнtу vбlaszt kцvetхen the Hбzi Pediatricians Egyesьlete kйrte the alбнrбsgyыjtйsre colleagues to try to change the date of mandatory immunization filing. The request has been slightly modified: We want children to be given two vaccinations between the ages of 12 and 18 months, so that at least 3 months between the two doses, can be used in conjunction with a due date.
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