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Presentation: Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Kуrhбz

Presentation: Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Kуrhбz

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From year to year, many expectant mothers choose "Bajcsy", apart from the modern maternal quality of service, the flexible service of the needs, as possible, can play a role in the districts of East Pest. (Let's get started in June 2009.)

Pregnant women who want to be born here can visit three places: X and XVII. to the district clinic and to the hospital. It is worth visiting the spot for ultrasound examinations, as they have the best resolution 4D devices. The baby has a contract with Sejtbank Kft., So the twin weekly so-called combined test is provided free of charge to the pregnant mother. The First Female Clinic and those outside of the BC who need genetic testing can also go here.

dr. Laszlo Бdбm
Photograph: Melyvnz

Coming to the maternity room, expect a pregnant mother to be flexible. There is no shaving yet, you are recommended, but not required. Epidural anesthesia can be requested day and night, but not many people live with this option for the time being.
There is no obligation to carry out a baby incision first, they can give birth to about 30% of the baby - we have not experienced a meaningful miscarriage. I was Led by Myanmar chief physician, university professor who has been in charge of the department for more than ten years.
Pregnant women stay in the hospital for three days after childbirth, even if they are born with a baby. - We use absorbent stitches in most cases, so we help our mothers to go back to sewing. For many years we have been using the advanced Misgav-Ladach technique for cesarean section, so mothers recover sooner. Eight hours after the surgery may occur first, but this is not the reason for surgery, but for spinal anesthesia.

Such is a three-room gym in Bajcsy.
Now three long-haired little girls are here
The first days of her life with her mom
Photograph: Melyvnz

Although the father may not be admitted to the operation, he or she can be a mother and a newborn baby from the beginning - however, many mothers on the first day ask for a baby to be placed on the newborn. At most one baby at a time, we learned from Laszlo's chief medical officer.
In the basic room, if space is available, the father can stay in the church for the night. This is a great help for the mother especially after cesarean section.
The department has appealed for a baby-friendly hospital with many important criteria given in March. For example, the baby is not taken after childbirth, the mother can breastfeed, and the baby may remain together for the duration of the observation period.Facts, figures
  • Number of births in 2008: 1500, of which 30 percent are cesarean sections.
  • There is one single room, one in each one, each equipped with alternative tools.
  • You can choose to give birth.
  • They have a parenting course, which is nine times.
  • This is where the genetic section of the closed Schöpf-Merei Kuhrbaz operates.
  • There are four basic rooms (9000 Ft / night) and five gyms in the children's class, which include common toilets.
  • There are 24 oulr rooming-in systems.
  • The visitation time is limited to a selected period of breastfeeding.
  • Detailed information, video recording from the living room, services: