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Signs that Mom didn't rip the ovary

Signs that Mom didn't rip the ovary

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It is worth preparing your little one for ovis life; And you have to prepare for release as well. Of course, you were afraid of your child - but when is "too much" a concern? What are the signs if you are not ready for the ovary?

It is not an easy time for a mother to start school

As of 2015, every child over 3 years of age is obliged to have a kindergarten at least on a daily basis, and 90% of Hungarian children aged 3-5 are required. A child of such a size already needs a community in which he or she learns that without a mother or father, he is able to stand up, make friends, resolve conflicts - he says Gaab Zsufia consultant specialist psychologist.

The little ones need their peers

To be able to thrive properly, you must also feel safe in kindergarten; and this is first and foremost the parent who can convey to him. But what happens when you don't know, you dare not let your child go? This problem is common in families where the baby has not been brought in, left with the grandmother, friend or babysitter all day long. These parents tend to be overwhelmed at the beginning of the door: they have been doing this for months, they read books, blogs, talk about it every time lists the specialist.When you get used to it, you see anxiety on the whole body language (aggressive face, uncertain voice) and they say goodbye for a long time; it is also common to give "useful instructions" to the baby for the child. There are several reasons for the parent's difficulty in releasing the child. It may be mother or father had a bad experience in high school. There may be a parent uncertain in the background. Many people can feel it bыntudatowhen you bring your child together, or they may be afraid that the little ones will not need them the same way. It can be frightening for parents to get their first feedback when they have successfully raised a child. Work worries, fears can also cause concern.It is important to know that parents' anxiety sticks to the child in any case: to say that kindergarten is not a safe place, but something to be afraid of. So the child will have a hard time getting rid of his mother or father, and every morning, he belittles, thereby justifying the parents' fears. . They may not eat or be asleep, or may not communicate with adults or children. There is a little one who has no problem with the ovi, but at home will be angry and aggressive, or very motherly, it will be difficult to fall asleep in the evening, sleep bad. you choose an ouun or a carer you trust; in this case, the child is more likely to accept the new parent.- It may be useful to meet, talk to other parents from a small group.- It is worthwhile to if you adjust your daily routine to the kindergarten agenda.- If you have good grades from your early years, remember them, tell them to your child, and make them feel at the door. If your moods are uncomfortable, you need to be aware that your bad moods do not mean that your child will be bad at the door too. Meet, have breakfast together. You can give the little one a toy or a toy that will accompany him all day. - Always tell him who and when to go for it. Let's say goodbye short and loving. Don't get discouraged if you don't feel happy and liberated five times, it takes time! Nowadays, most psychologists work in most kindergartens, and it is worth asking for help - the experts advise. Do not watch for these sensations because they are natural; they cause trouble when you get overwhelmed. These articles may also be of interest to you when starting a school:
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