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Zente received the handler on Tuesday

Zente received the handler on Tuesday

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Her mother announced on Facebook that Zente had received the Zolgensma gene therapy therapist at MRE Bethesda Children's Hospital in Budapest today, Tuesday.

Zente received the handler on Tuesday (Photo: Facebook) Zente is fine right now, but strict quarantine, surveillance, and follow-up - as the mother said, a terrible hard period is over, and now a very important chapter is about to begin.Zent was diagnosed with a very rare disease called SMA (Spinal Cord Dystrophy), the cost of managing it is terribly expensive at 700 million forints. The little boy's family had launched a campaign in the community where a record amount of money was donated in a week, so the boy could now get the deal. In the post about treatment the mother said thanks again to all who helped, prayed, thought, and sent energy by sharing, referencing, organizing, bidding, brainstorming, organizing, bidding, thinking.He also thanked that so many people had taken part in the hard work on the Hungarian filing, which meant that a Hungarian son-in-law, funded by donations collected from Hungarians, could buy it at home. As we've told you, In the meantime, another SMA baby boy, Levente, also started collecting,so that they too can participate in costly gene therapy. Our previous articles in this topic:
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