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There has never been so many pimples

There has never been so many pimples

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By mid-April, about 17,000 infections had been registered, well above the annual average.

First quarter statistics from the National Center for Epidemiology (OEK) indicate that the prevalence of varicella is not diminishing again, according to the Bulletin of the Home Pediatricians Association. Last year, almost 41,000 people were registered. It has been stressed that varicella does not only affect children, but also adults who have not fallen ill, especially pregnant mothers. The most critical period is the first week of pregnancy and the days leading up to childbirth: the infection then infects both the mother and the fetus, but it is not possible to give the vaccine during pregnancy.

Last year, 91,700 children were born in Hungary - chickenpox for baby and mammal is equally dangerous

According to experts, protection against tetanus should not only be thought about before having a baby. Cйlszerы the betegsйg megelхzйse the tцbbgyermekes csalбdokban and azoknбl the serdьlхknйl йs felnхtteknйl who have not been бt the fertхzйsen childhood because mбsodik third child sъlyosabb betegsйge бltalбban the felnхtteknйl greater the szцvхdmйnyek kialakulбsбnak kockбzata, йs usually sъlyosabb lefolyбsъ the bбrбnyhimlх.
The announcement summoned Gyula Gyorgy Puth, chairman of the Home Pediatricians Association, who said she recommended that children be vaccinated against the disease after a year or so before moving to the community. Optimal timing is when they are given the two dose vaccine at the age of 15-18 months, with a minimum of 6 weeks.
It is estimated that in Hungary, 5-10 percent of the adult population did not fall due to varicella in childhood, and these people are susceptible to infection.
Vaccination against the disease is included in the World Health Organization's vaccination recommendation. Several European Union Member States have decided to include the vaccine in the compulsory national vaccination program, such as Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Latvia, Greece, and Italy and Spain.
Varicella was considered a very widespread disease in the United States before the introduction of vaccination in 1996, but after that, statistics improved. Currently, in 49 states of the United States, the primary requirement for primary school enrollment is for a child to receive serum for infection - they have done so.
Although, in Hungary, it has been years since the vaccine was introduced into the national vaccine system, and for the time being purely governmental financing programs can be used to protect against varicella.
First in towns last October, the County Council decided to launch a comprehensive vaccination program: the municipality had given free access to the under-18s for children under the age of 3 years. This year, for the first time, a similar initiative is being launched in Eger: children born after August 1, 2014 will be vaccinated.
Young children, families with multiple children and adults who have not fallen ill, and pregnant mothers in particular are at increased risk of developing chickenpox.
  • The most critical period is the first week of gestation and the days near childbirth, but no protection can be given during pregnancy.
  • Last year, 91,700 children were born in Hungary - sickness for both baby and mammal is dangerous.
  • After last year's record, the number of cases of varicella has been high this year: as many as 17,000 cases have been registered, which is above the annual average.
  • Up to 1 million adults at home may be at risk, increasing the risk of developing disease.
  • Children with second or tertiary illnesses in the family typically have a more severe course of varicella.
  • In 2016, another municipal city council is planning to launch a self-financing vaccination program - also extended to the elderly.
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