We are relocating from the mother

We are relocating from the mother

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Change of life. In particular, she is born small and accustomed to the new way of life, and the next challenge is coming. Community, familiarity and workplace. In our new section we will help you find your new style in the new position.


Gabi Sarkadi (33) will return to work as an HR consultant in February. His two-year-old son, Marcell, is about to flee, so they are both ready to begin another chapter in their lives. According to Gabi Bár, one thing is missing: the external transformation. Because the clothes were worn during the two-year home, and the hair is not cut to the last fashion, we don't even talk about facial polish and makeup. In addition, one thing was born of the change: Gabi lost nearly 30 pounds of pre-pregnancy weight.
"I ate a lot when I was a teenager," he says. "I kept snacking, stuffing the ice cream. I got the result, I was very motivated. Even though I was overweight, nothing was effective. I set myself a goal: if I have a child, I will lose weight. I have completely counted on the carbohydrate in my life, which has had an almost immediate effect. The sprats have melted down in my life. Thirty kilos have gone down in a year, and fortunately I can keep my weight to this day. "
Gabi's old dream was fulfilled in our relocated workshop, because she wanted to ask for a dressmaking advice, makeup, and not to mention the new hairstyle. First, Orsolya Whitewater stylist helped Gabi find a new style. And even at first, Gabi kept saying, "Don't do it now," for every outfit, for the umpteenth talk, she would fall into a woman's shirt and a leggings. The sole of the outsole had just been taken up by jokes.
As you can see in the photos, the adjustment has cast a spell on a new woman. Not only feminine, but elegant enough to stand up to an evening program. Afterwards, he received a kid-friendly bodysuit, and two of the blazers that he tossed in the waistcoat show well on the playground. The hairstyle was completely nonsensical for a mother with a baby. Zoltán Hegedыs, a hairdresser at the Allure Salon, first adjusted her hair and then made a new haircut for our model. He has been given advice on how to care for his hair and how to curl hair with a curly hair.
Horacsek Bgi make-up artist introduced Gabit to further beauty tricks. He showed what he can do with a good quality foundation, how eyes change when the eye line is good, and why a jolly joker selection on the baby face. Only the last cube left: the photo shoot. By then, Gabi was completely identified with the role of the New, so he could smile lightly into Steffi's camera. On the way home, he admitted that he would not have thought that such a change would be in the currency.


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