6 Really Unique Tips for Kids and Adults

6 Really Unique Tips for Kids and Adults

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Tired of regular games, confectionery? Do you want something unique, a little treasure for your own children or friends' seedlings, and support small businesses? Read our summary!

An announcement spreads on Facebook on a few days:

Let's buy every Christmas gift from a well-known company, supporting them: from the master, from the artist directly, from the musician who sells the cite, from the friend of the Internet. Let the money flow to the people of the week, and so more people will have a happier Christmas. If you agree, try it out here and put it on your wall. Support small businesses near you!
I completely agreed with him, so I not only put it on my wall, but I also tried to gather a couple of small businessmen who might be a mom in the middle, or if they didn't, little ones.
And, of course, I have always admired the stories that read it: "... and then he set out to be the marketing director of the big company and founded a book publisher…"

Game jersey - mini jewelry for kids

Judit Wild at WAMP (Wasabi's Day Market) regularly found that little babies were fiddling with their buckles and jewelry, but could not afford them anything. That's why he created and matched the Wild Jute Mini Line for baby-hungry babies. And to be complete, the jewelry is naturally available in adult sizes, as a mother-girl set has a style. Especially if you choose the accessories well. And the jewels in her jewels radiate a kind of French lightweight elegance that can look really chic on a little girl. Great suggestions for girly moms. Judit Wild made a brand name from her nickname and made jewelry in 2002. She opened her own small shop this June, which is also her location.
Game store online shop, click here!


A tiny, district Adventist fancy bunny, handmade candle and leather tassel, these exuberantly fair teddy bears and other colorful animals, toys, have gone out. The cap, the small bears are custom-made in their entirety, there are no two identical pieces, and I can say that it is difficult to leave them. Colored animal figures and small cubes (which, because all children are sensitive to name tags), displaying the perfect knowledge of the childhood animal, can be a perfect gift for every little baby. We can call the teddy bear a lovely little sleeping baby for older children or a childless mother.
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All the Masks are in the mood

Aguscs Nrisz was a personal favorite of mine. The man in the figure is such a lovely charm that can fascinate children and adults in the blink of an eye. For example, he can also illustrate the illustrations of the Masats series, popular with the little ones. If you want some heart-warming fun on the wall, look for Nris's work at WAMP!
Agуcs Нrisz Facebook page, click!

I carry it home

Baby carriage is becoming more widespread at home, and anyone who thinks about it a bit soon realizes that a device will not serve a child, as there are countless ages and situations. The buckle carriers are very popular because they provide a good fit, but the tops are relatively simple, so dads prefer to have a little boot. For those who are looking for a little bit, besides the well-known and well-known brands, you can find unique, well-executed, often tested pieces made at home. Caracol Baby Carriers are, for example, the creators of Nura Hegyi, who completed each phase with her own little boy. One person wonder, it is worth having a webshop. We also have soft soles in the same area.
Caracol Babay carry

Remember the tree below

In the age of digital photography, we rarely take the time and energy to unleash better moments, make paperwork inside, or even frame it. Photo printing has become a part of our weekday, which is good, as not all professional or important moments can be there at the moment. But sometimes it is good to stand out, give the photographers a moment to choose a truly lasting memory. Between the foundations of SmileMy, we can find a mother of two who knows exactly how to make really good pictures, not just pictures, but also good photos of her. And which grandma wouldn't melt a calendar illustrated with her grandchildren? Yeah! And with their smart gift card you can surprise the family with photography.

Sweet little things

For the girls, it really does start somehow. My son, too, but that's it. They are the gripper, the little chinese are the girls. Buckles, haircuts, little Chiribir things. And the Sugar Cap designers really know what both childhood and maternal souls are up against. Specially recommended are cap-leg kits. A little cute on their site ... What can we say? Lovely, chic, unique, pretty.
sugar Hats

Online turkish, free shipping

One of my current favorites, I don't know how we did it, but free shipping. So if I look at something, I fall in love, the point is going to cost only that much more. For those who do not like to dress or think that used clothing is not something under the tree, I can serve it well. You can also find lots of new clothes on the webshop and soft soles are very good looking. Boys and girls can find their own good, and we don't even have to put our noses out of the house on these hot days.
Luckily, you also have the heart of the national craftsmen, like Urban! Eve blog you can now buy more than 40 items.