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5 program tips for the autumn break

5 program tips for the autumn break

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Although the length of the autumn break is different from that of the summer break, it is not always easy to catch the attention of the children. If you don't know what to do with your little ones at the moment, we recommend you 5 options.

5 Tips for Autumn Break (Fotу: iStock)

Magic Tales Mission - Exhibition and Games in Vajdahunyadvár

Unicorn, griffin, dragon, man, hableab - just a few of the wizards you can encounter in the Autumn Fall. The interactive exhibition guides you to fairy-tale places, big and small, and takes part in exciting games to unleash all the magic cast by the naughty goblin. To complete the mission, you will need a bold heart, a good nose, a sharp eye and a firm eye, and if you have secreted all the secrets, your rewards will not be missed! Exhibitions are closed on October 28th and 29th, but from October 23-27, and from October 30th to November 3rd with extended daily opening hours, you are looking forward to visiting from 9 am to 5 pm with the autumn break in mind!

Grand Boulevard of Várrosliget

In the autumn, the new Grand Grand Opener will open its doors in the City Park, which will be waiting for its visitors on October 26th. The New Account jбtszуtйr ellбtott 13 thousand nйgyzetmйteres, йs 6 kьlцnfйle csъszdбval, йs 10 kьlцnfйle hintбval kцrhintбval 4 kьlцnbцzх forgуjбtйkkal 3 homokozуval 7 egyйni йs pбros rugуs jбtйkkal, two large kцteles mбszу complex, 10 fцldbe sьllyesztett trampoline йs йs long kanyargу locks aqueous jбtйkokkal waiting for you in a stream. If you visit the Wizards Exhibition, you will also try out the playground afterwards!

Green Festival, Aquarium Club

For the third time, the Green Ball Festival will be held at the Aquarium Club, which will be looking out for the big and small on October 27th. At the Family Event, credible experts will give you useful, easy-to-apply tips for your environmentally conscious lifestyle. Plus, there will be games, prizes, fun family fun programs, so whatever you need for a good family day!

Autumn holiday workshop in the Liptov Village

If you like to trade your children, make decorations, unique things, then on October 29th, it is worth a visit to the Liptov Village, where you can participate in a free craft workshop for 10-12 hours. The many occasions that have been held for the seventh time, Halloween Autumn decorations can be made by the little ones as they prepare for the holiday.

Halloween shudder, Kubbny Library children's section

The Kobanya Library is replete with kids from the age of 6 to 99 with toys and a terrific program for the Celtic Halloween holiday. The organizers will be launching mysteries, games and, of course, a costume mogul on October 30th from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.


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