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Pregnant, trapped boy, or what else can cause anxiety while breastfeeding?


Question: My two-month-old baby is often anxious, cuddling, breathing, kicking. I don't know if there is a correlation, but unfortunately every week or two, failing is a problem. It does not fail much, it only has a small number of "images", and sometimes white eagles trickle down from its mouth. As she thrives (now 4800 grams overweight, and 3060 grams of birth weight), she is only worried about her fall and the fact that she has had several times her stomach several times. This is a hell of a sheep, not a "belly" baby.
Can it be related to anxiety during breastfeeding? According to one of my relatives, he may be eating too much. I have a couple of days, and there are over 200 grams of food in your diet, but on average 170-180 grams. That's a lot? How to stop the future? The baby just breastfeeds, doesn't get fed up, sleeps the night, eats five times a day. You don't get baby packs, but we use soothing pacifiers to sleep

Answers by Renata W. Ungvбry Breastfeeding Specialist IBCLC:
Exceptional growth shows that basically everything is okay with the baby, at most details could be refined. Breathing in the air can be caused by excessively milky reflex due to excessively milky milk reflux that you simply cannot swallow.
It can help if you change your breastfeeding position a little: not leaning over your baby's head, but rather leaning on your back, pulling the baby up so that he or she is up. Here you can see a good video of this as well as more photos on the site.

Х he is not breastfeeding here, but his position is well reminiscent of what he did in a similar case
It is also worth keeping in mind while breastfeeding: it is easier to cope with milk sprayed in the radius!

The other possibility is that when you are drowning in a lot of milk, you simply stop breastfeeding for a moment to breathe. It's a good idea to put the diaper on to grab the milk. After a few seconds, you can continue for a few seconds. Occasionally, breastfeeding is appreciated and the risk of overeating is reduced.
Another reason for rolling is that when the first breast milk sacs enter the stomach at the same time as the digestion starts, it is possible that intense exercise may cause some discomfort. This is something that over time will relieve itself and the baby will get used to it.
It is not possible to feed a suckling baby, but the fact is that if you only breastfeed twice a day, these are very large amounts at the same time for a small amount of stomach contents. It is true that the smooth muscle of the stomach is overburdened, but as frequent failure shows, this overburden has its limits. Failure, along with good growth, is not in itself, no harm, no danger, and even beneficial: it blocks the filling of the tiny stomach.
It is a solution if you can breast-feed more often, as the amounts sucked once will decrease. At this age 8-12 times the average breastfeeding rate! Perhaps it will help you change if you think that breastfeeding is not just about nutrition, but also immunological defense, communication, comfort, contact, pleasant and intimate anesthesia. Instead of a pacifier, it is possible to order the baby beside.
Sleeping in the night is not very favorable, but it is a relatively common occurrence in such a good-growing baby. In this context, it should be noted that nighttime sleeping aids when the baby is sleeping indoors, but this is not beneficial for breastfeeding. On the one hand, you can reduce the amount of milk, and on the other, you can increase the problem of heavy milk reflex due to overfilling.
It is better for the baby's mother to sleep in the immediate vicinity and at least to wake up at night when she is breastfeeding. The proximity of the mother is a wake-up call, and it is also beneficial for breastfeeding and the baby. Well, if the child is at least as close to his parents as long as he is so small and helpless. After about five to six months, experience has shown that this period of rest usually ends, and more frequent awakenings follow. This simplifies breastfeeding if they are close together.
It is not necessary to rent a salary, it is enough to keep the baby in hand or carry when you need it, so it automatically loses what it needs to lose.
You can also find breastfeeding advice on this site:


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