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Transition councils during the rush season

Transition councils during the rush season

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Even though pollen concentration in ragweed is very high, it is worthwhile to use some home practice besides medical treatment. The following tips may help to reduce the severity of the symptoms.

Ventilation and ventilation

While the allergenic plant is present in high concentrations in the air, keep the windows closed in the home. THE Do not ventilate between 5 and 10 o'clock in the morningbecause pollen concentration is the highest at this time. During the pollen season, it can be an ideal solution to provide both ventilation and cooling of the air in the home with air-conditioning. However, when using the equipment, always make sure that the cleaning requirements are met and that the filters and fittings are cleaned regularly. Failure to do so may result in a number of other molds and dust settling in the preparation, which may provoke other unpleasant symptoms.


The car is also used during traveling keep the windows closed And we use the internal circulating, pollen-filtered air conditioning. The equipment should be cleaned at regular intervals, and do not forget to replace the filter at regular intervals. On the train, on the bus, we live a week back to the direction that the draft does not carry pollen in our face.Transition councils during the rush season

Home Practices

It is recommended for allergies evening hair washing, so that we can breathe pollen that sticks to our paws from our hair during the night, making it difficult for us to have a restful sleep. For this reason, it is worthwhile not to be outdoors in the summer, as freshly washed, wet clothes are lightly adhering to the pollen, so you may be more likely to experience symptoms again while wearing the clothes.

Sport pollen season

Dr. Katalin Balogh Allergologist, head physician of the Buda Allergy Center, said that we should not give up on exercise volume in allergic patients, but it is recommended to take into account external environmental factors, as high pollen levels can exert physical stress. Not only is pollen concentration between 5 and 10 in the morning, but dry, hot, windy, extremely high, outdoor activities, sports planning should also take this into consideration.We also want to get the weather and the time of day allergy mask for running, but it can also be useful for removing pollen in the middle of the day. When exercising outdoors, you can help reduce symptoms by choosing an area with fewer trees and breathing down your nose when running. In the case of extremely high pollen counts, we prefer a clean, allergen-free gym. Regular snaps, which can improve not only your ability to exercise, but also your ability to relax. Pollen allergies should make sure that you can play golf or football, especially if you perform these sports directly after a whitening session. In addition to regular physical exertion, you may also need to change your previous medication treatment to be able to exercise safely and without complaints.


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