Christmas mobile apps for little ones

Christmas mobile apps for little ones

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Of course, there are countless exciting Christmas games out there on the smartphone, but sometimes these apps can be entertained.

Every kid loves to push the phone - but the smart phone is that it can not only play with the smooth keyboard, but also download a bunch of programs that not only entertain but also teach - and best of all, not pay too much must have it!


Kids are real magic to hear their own words - and it's better to talk to the homepage. The microphone picks up the speaker's voice and then plays it back with a slight distortion of Santa's mouth. But this is not all this app can do, you can tickle, jerk, caress, and respond to anything else. The recorded glass elmenthetх, and can be sent as a talking, postcard - your grandmother will love it!
Talking Santa (Android, iPhone)


The essence of Christmas is a dнszнtйs - And all the little ones are happy to talk about it. In addition to the traditional game-threatening, firewall programs, there is one where you can relocate the Tablet, but you can also find flashy booms for the boys!
Make Me Santa (iPhone)
Xmas Dress Up (Android)
My Xmas Tree (Android)
Christmas Cupcakes (iPhone)
Gingerbread Dress Up (iPhone)
Toca Hair Salon Christmas Version (iPhone)
Pimp Santa Sleigh (Android)


Every kid loves to color - but it's very difficult to stay between the lines at a young age, so it's a lot more successful anytime klikkelgetni need a nice result. Lots of templates, dozens of colors, tireless stuff.
Christmas Coloring Book (iPhone)
Christmas Coloring Book (Android)


Christmas wouldn't be real music without - the kids would love to sing, sing or play songs with the right instrument in their hands - in this case, the phone itself. Christmas Song Collection (iPhone)
Piano Christmas (Android)
Toddler Christmas Sing-A-Long (Android)


Surprisingly, many children are two-year-olds and enjoy playing classic memory, which has countless game conversions - at Christmas, there are Tablets, Heaps, Chips and candies under the cards.
Memory Christmas (Android)
Xmas Memo (Android)


All the little ones with the buttons still have a hard time controlling a character, but there are games where you don't have to, just tilt the phone and run the web, run and sometimes fall off the wheel.
Santa in Trouble (Android)
Santa Roll (Android)


Sometimes the biggest success is with the games that you have not made for little ones. It can be a source of great work, for example, when a hungry Tablet is running after cookies or when Santa Claus piglets want to kidnap their gifts.
Hungry Santa (Android)
Greedy Pigs Xmas (Android)


This is an interactive storybook Made in English, but the glass can be turned off by switching to Read it myself, but it is also possible for the father or mother to record their own voice and hear the story in the picture book. But the nymph version is not boring, anything in the pictures touches the kid, everything moves, jumps, laughs, music.
Christmas Tale (Android)