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I became a baby - you are buying a lifestyle

I became a baby - you are buying a lifestyle

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We are full of excuses when it comes to life changing. However, having a baby gives us a chance to try to live healthier.

My baby's birth meant the last step to start a new life - begins the story of another year jean apukбja, Czirok Mбrton. "Then I was more than a hundred kilos to 170 centimeters, and had a lot of stomach problems and reflux. for example I want to be together with my wife we started to study, and buy a ticket to the gym ".Marton shows old-fashioned photos of himself and his wife, Olнviбrуlwith whom they have caught a total of 55 kilos. They were completely replaced during the narrow year.

It must be decided and sustained

The decision started with me, but my son joined almost immediately, so it was much easier for the whole mother - the twenty-year-old mother, who is also responsible for the home, to eat. "I was breastfeeding, so our personal trainer did some cool exercises. We will never fast, we just blog about what we eat. It wasn't easy at first, but we got used to it. We completely eliminated white flour and sugar. Life's not just good for our outsiders: Marton's reflux stopped, for me my cycle has been restored"There is no sign of my previous insulin resistance, and I run off my feet smoothly," says Olvia, who puts her baby on a new, healthy diet. " I want you to enjoy pleasurable eating, so I leave it to myself to decide how much to eat. There are days when you want to fly, and sometimes you just need half the dose.

In small steps

"In addition to losing weight, it often results in healing for many deceivers when family members change their eating habits," he explains. dr. I found Bonn the Nutritionist, who confirms that reflux it did in many cases glutйnйrzйkenysйg бll. In small children, the same disease can lead to malnutrition, hyperactivity or even autism. "With the Paleolithic Diet, for example, it is possible to eliminate the recurring upper respiratory illnesses that are often caused by the consumption of dairy products. white flour, sugar and cow's milk we have to relinquish our lives without hesitation. There are plenty of cookbooks available with all the health benefits, such as chestnut or couscous, raisins or fruit. " the process, but with less conflict, and the expert personally emphasizes the importance of it. dr. We found Бgnes"In general, I find that it is moms are more consistent in nutritionand most of the time they take care of the child, and the father - respectfully the exception - often disagrees with the diet or is generally not open to changing their habits. Trying to solve the problem, we should rather buy a good quality if it is the wish of our couple, or we bribe ourselves instead of the store - as long as you do not forget to cheat go out to the playground to play soccer with the little ones or organize a bike tour. mozgбs it's just as important, especially for kids. " besides, youll be small.
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