Where should the baby sleep?

Where should the baby sleep?

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Being a parent is more than just any main job: the sun takes up twenty times every day. So, at night, everyone wants to relax in the most basic way possible. There are no two identical families, times, houses, homes.

In the family

For generations, we have been frightened by the exhilarating example of sleeping with a child, detailing all its harms. In the past, it was only natural that a small child would only move out of the family when he was born to his little brother.
For the family, the easiest solution is to make night-time breastfeeding easier. The baby is right there, just eating and sleeping. Breastfeeding in the breast is completely natural, and prolactin released during breastfeeding nourishes and sleeps the mother. Ranschburg Jenх According to the psychologist, suckling movement helps in the relaxation needed to fall asleep.
Recent sleep research has shown that the baby's nervous system is underdeveloped, the complete safety needed to fall asleep with her graceful mother body beside her, having just left her mother's caressing, warm, dim center. Of course, both moms and babies are different: there are women who are unable to sleep if they do not hear the baby whispering in the mind, and this is what disturbs the mother at rest.

Babies love to sleep and wake up close to their mother

Some babies used to be, others shorter to sleep aloneand this is not your educational request! If we choose to have a baby asleep with us, we can take on board the critique of the environment. Most of the time, they will scare you as the baby makes the marriage. That is not the case is a testament to the history of mankind, with the century that invented the doll's room just for a moment.
Hint: Dr. William Sears An American pediatrician patient avoided losing her baby by being a "beacon", watching for the baby's relationship, and having a baby with confusion.
The other middle-aged excuse is to smash the baby in the baby's heart: if there is no alcohol, drugs, anesthetics or any other unconscious substance, it does not happen.

Think about security!

- Make sure the mattress is flat, hard, so your baby won't sink.
- The surface should be wide enough for both father, mother and baby to lie comfortably over it.
- Don't use big, soft, cushioned cushions.
- Do not feed with your own blanket to avoid overheating or submerging.
- 18-20 degrees Celsius is ideal for a night in the bedroom.
- Smoky parents should quit sleeping because in these cases, common sleep is an increased risk for the baby.

Next to me, after all

Near, but not ours: This is the solution that would be recommended by physicians engaged in research into fatalities, at least for the first six months. Today, you can get a baby with a removable lateral lobe and adjustable lying area. We can adjust the baby's bed to the height of our bed, we can remove the rod, so we can reach out to the little one anyway (just don't wake up) so we can fall back.
This can be a good solution for the little ones as well, remember that the habits of our sleeping baby can change at any time. It's a harder tooth, a stuffy nose or just the usual "don't want to sleep without a mother" complaint. In these cases, it is better to place the baby directly beside the couch of the parents, rather than having a good night's sleep.
A mattress laid next to our bed can last for years for the uninvolved little. The child desires to be in the immediate vicinity. So, since the world is a baby, the baby is best placed beside the mother, the baby and the mother holding her hand. By day, by night. Don't worry that the little one is in the immediate area as soon as he is awake, he will be able to sleep well. It is not worth it, but you cannot hurry this, just like the choice of a room cleaner or when a child should stop breastfeeding.

Think about security!

"Remember, the dew-dripping tufts will instantly rise up on the big bed, and from there they will surely fall off ..."
- Forget about the fire of the baby: the baby is distracted by the flickering lights, loud noises.

Small room, small bed

For those who choose to sleep in a small room, indoors (and consistently), the intimacy of their bedroom is limited to the male-to-female double. However, it is true that in the first six to nine months it is not advisable to lay the baby in a separate roombecause it increases the risk of sudden death.
It is not possible to prepare for childbirth in the postpartum period, but it is not a matter of discussing how to imagine future nights. Today, it is not the night time to breastfeed, you just have tea, and it is quite obvious that our marks will not come from deep sleep at first.
Have a comfy armchair in your small room, a couch, or think about where you'll put the baby on the cot. Always have everything close to feeding, and as soon as your baby is up, we'll go to him. It's not a good idea to let it go, because if you think about yourself, you will wake up sooner and later, and demand it. And we all woke up to a ball. It is also necessary to decide who goes to the child, it makes no sense that all parents should always jump.
After the pleasant excitement of the very first night feeding, it is very tiring to keep up, so divide the night shift. Even if the mother wakes up on the mattress next to the baby, she will stay outside, even if she is resting on her couch, possibly with the baby.

Think about security!

- There should be no more than 6 inches between the baby's cuffs and the baby's head should not be trapped.
- The mattress should fit well with the baby. If you use two fingers to fit between the mattress and the width of the bed, the mattress is too small, it can pinch the baby's hands or feet, or it can cover the head.
- Make sure the sheet is tightly wrapped underneath the mattress to prevent the baby from getting entangled.
- Put the bed in a safe place: away from the window, the heater and anything you can climb up.
- Do not leave cushions, toys, strings in the crib, as they can cause suffocation.
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