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5 Fiber Tips for Hardening

5 Fiber Tips for Hardening

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Not only does starvation cause discomfort, but we can safely say that it is almost nil disease. What should we do and what should we do to change the problem?

5 Fiber Tips for Hardening

There are many reasons for constipation, but the problem itself is always there it's just a symptom. There may be hormonal causes in the background, eg. decreased thyroid gland function or pancreatic disease, but may also be diabetic. Symptoms can also be caused by Parkinson's disease or by the side effects of medicines. Often spiritual causes get in the back or stress, rush, exercise, irregular lifestyle.The first thing we can do a lot about constipation is fluid intake: three liters of fluid a day Consuming it by itself means help alone. Fiber-rich nutrition is very important besides exercise. An adult should consume at least 30 grams of fiber a day, but we bring back every bit of it into our organization. What do we have?

1. Plenty of greenery

Let's try to eat raw greens every day with our shells. Instead of rice or potatoes, we eat greens for meat, fish, cheese. We eat peppers, tomatoes and corn next to the rice. We eat seasonal greens next to our sandwich. Let us drizzle with raw yoghurt, make dip (cheese cream, garlic-sour cream, egg cream) and raw greens.

2. Lots of fruits

Fruits are also fiber-rich foods. They can be eaten raw, or even cooked: plums, strawberries, blueberries, melons, and peaches for particularly effective constipation. Fruits can be eaten with fries too. And let's not forget about marmalades and dried fruits.

3. Grain

Wheat or oat bran and their wholemeal wheat flakes start the movement of the bees. Make wholemeal wholemeal bread instead of white bread. Whole wholemeal or bran-rich cereal biscuits, croutons. Let us taste brown instead of white rice and get acquainted with couscous and bulgur. Very fine patches can be made lightning fast inside.

4. Yogurt and bran mixers

Bran mixed in natural or even fruit yogurt can be a real help, just for breakfast.

5. Lentils, bra, beans and borsch

Less common ingredients, though very healthy. We can use the lentils and barrels to swell the casserole dishes. There are countless varieties of beans and peppers, and we try them too. You can also bake the salad so that it is cooked with seasoned beans and pepper. Chickpea can also be used to make huma or falafel.

+1 Healing

Cures are also effective against cataracts: cheats, rose hips, blueberries or millennials.
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