More and more women opt for cesarean section, needing to be enlightened

More and more women opt for cesarean section, needing to be enlightened

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Numerous women around the world opt for cesarean section even if there is no serious medical reason for it. A study of 6,500 pregnant women emphasizes the need for more serious counseling, including the dangers of conceiving.

The study looked at women before birth in northern Europe, and found that more and more women would opt for cesarean section, even when there is no clear medical reason for it. Personal Reasons are Different: Many people choose this option because of a negative birthright, while others are depressed, anxious, have a history, Norwegian women have been trying to get pregnant until the end of March 2008 and August 2010. After half a week - about 24 weeks - women were asked what kind of baby they wished to complete,

More and more people are opting for cesarean section

It turned out that 3.5 percent (113 women) of women who had their first child wanted to have a baby, while that number was 8.7 percent (291 women) for their second child. Mainly Women with Depressive Symptoms Want a Breastfeed, and those who had a previous negative birth status chose this option three times more often.Although in the case of birth complications, a cesarean delivery intervention, can carry a number of risks: such as and the development of various infections and haematomas. In addition, cesarean section puts a significantly greater burden on health than traditional births. In spite of the risks, however, the number of cases of non-medical cesarean section has increased significantly recently.Useful Articles on Cutters:
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