Therefore, do not give up exercise in the third trimester!

Therefore, do not give up exercise in the third trimester!

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There are many benefits to exercising if you do not neglect your physical activity at the end of your pregnancy.

Therefore, do not give up exercise in the third trimester!

Exercise during pregnancy can help control your weight, reduce your risk of developing diabetes, andIt is easier and faster to have a baby. And, according to a recent study, a little sweating - especially after the 29th week - can have a beneficial effect on the baby. he had bodybuilders. For those who have had the most calories in the last trimester, babies are born with 41.1 grams less fat than the children of mothers who perform the least amount of exercise during this period. " the amount of glucose and fat produced by the mother, which helps them grow more optimally, "explains dr. Dana Dabelea, associate professor and head of research at the University of Colorado.

You can start exercising anytime

You know, nothing is lost even if you started neglecting exercise early in the morning because of the sickness of the morning, because you never get started! "In the third trimester, most of the fetal fat develops, so during this period, you can be (moving) most effective the baby's hairline chart"- says Dr. Dabelea. Quiet, you don't have to run a marathon to have a healthy baby and have a baby to live with!" or cycling, "says the head of the research. 4-5 days a week with 30 minutes of intense movement recommended (eg walking, maternity yoga) until the end of pregnancy.
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