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7 Super Strategies To Speed ​​Up Weight Loss During Breastfeeding

7 Super Strategies To Speed ​​Up Weight Loss During Breastfeeding

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Do you want to get rid of the extra pills you took during pregnancy? Unfortunately, while you are breastfeeding, the excess will not automatically melt. However, here are some tips to help you!

Breastfeeding also consumes

"There's a LOT of False Beliefs in Public Awareness About Breastfeeding And Getting Rid Of Pregnancy Plus," she says Jennifer Ritchie, Breastfeeding Advice. "Many people think that just by breastfeeding, every kilo they pick up suddenly melts on them. But, according to others, it is difficult to lose weight if you are breast-feeding your baby." Well, none is quite true. Breastfeeding really burns calories - round 850 every day to be exact. (Oops!) However, it is true that, regardless of this, you may not be doing turbo at this time, because breastfeeding has unfortunately been a great success. Sleepless, hungry babies tend to quench their urine with simple carbohydrate bombs - and many, for example, lose a decade or even remain pregnant during breastfeeding. " - says Ritchie. "Simply put, you can remove the contents of a whole cookie box instead of greens and fruits."

Give yourself time

We are sorry, but we are saddened that it is more than a currency that your old farmer will not come to you right after birth. "To be able to give birth to a baby simply adds a little bit to your body," says Ritchie. "Your thighs are full, your chest is up. It took 9 months for those plus wounds to come up, so give yourself at least the same amount of time to get rid of it." "Quite frankly, having a baby after the first two weeks of my life can be a tragedy for me. It would be best compared to a military trained wine. six weeks after childbirth the water is selected, as you should not be actively working on weight loss before (you can forget about weight loss and intense sports). "This little week is not unexpectedly called a childhood period. At that time, you are physically and spiritually adjusting to your new baby life, and the light of your eyes is generally that you have been born on this planet."

Replace wisely

Instead of baking too much chocolate biscuits, drizzle on some eye dates or dried apricots (this is another great source of iron!). In the morning, replace the sweet cornflakes with oatmeal cooked in almond milk. "Oatmeal is a great breakfast for breastfeeding women who want to get rid of some excess because they are long overdue and keep their blood sugar steady," says Ritchie. Starchy greens, such as baked potatoes or sweet potatoes, greatly dampen the post-carbohydrate weight. Brown rice or wild rice are also very good in this exciting time.

Get ready

With a little bit of planning, you can make your own business easier. Keep pre-labeled and sliced ​​fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. Prepare simple one-time meals that you can freeze in smaller portions and get rid of the porridge sooner. "The essence is that have delicious, wholesome snacks to quickly quench your hunger. And leave the chips, cookies and biscuits on the supermarket shelves, because if you're not at home, you won't be frosting. "

Eat more often in smaller doses

"When a mother leaves for a long time between two meals, her hormones become weak and interfere with milk production," says Ritchie. "The body tends to reserves, which lowers insulin levels, which affects thyroid hormone production. It produces less prolactin, a hormone that regulates milk production." When you are hungry for a while, it is more likely that there is something in your diet that shouldn't be… So, prevent six smaller meals a day to keep your hormone levels down.

Reduce your calorie intake - but not too much

You can also reduce your energy intake during breastfeeding. This is all right as long as you have the 1800 calories a day And all this comes from a variety of nutrient-rich foods.

Get a move on

Six weeks after birth, expect more serious sports! But now, if you make yourself feel free to do so, it's free. However, if you are serious, you are going to need some healthy carbohydrates before exercising, and you are going to exercise. "This could be, for example, a half-baked marshmallow - which, when consumed before running, helps keep your milk production level high."

Hold on

Everyone else gets rid of the plus wedge during pregnancy. Therefore, do not despair if you regain your pre-natal form slower than the most popular celebrity moms. "Following a healthy diet, breastfeeding mothers lose about half a kilo a week," says Ritchie. What's great is that you can adjust to your lifestyle by reducing your calorie intake or moving more towards losing weight. you can even balance your energy intake. "Related Articles:
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