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What's the genius of the genius?

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You hear a lot about it, and more and more people pay to keep their blood cord blood from the "stem cell-winning" target. What can be cured with this valuable material? Is it worth the money that many people are spending heavily on?

All cells in the body are made up of stem cells. Our most important property is that they can be anything. The same can be said for experiments that deal with this. According to bulletin board news, a new tooth, a new kidney or a new heart muscle could be created. They cure diabetes, smooth out wrinkles, and possibly provide life. But when? Maybe ten, maybe fifty years from now, but they may never be able to cure everything with stem cells.
Most experts agree that storing stem cells would be importantbecause its mailing is simple and painless, but the potential it offers can be irian. Most people, however, doubt whether it is worthwhile to spend a lot of money on something that, in the real life of the "owner" of the blood, is currently, according to medical science, almost zero.

It can also be accessed at other times

The genital wart is a great source of stem cells if, after birth, all of this is lost in the placenta. Even so, with about a dozen of blood in it, you can simply retrieve it. This neither the baby nor the mother is being harmed, none of them bother with sampling. However, it is also true that stem cells can be accessed at any time in our lives. All that is needed is a one-day round while the patient receives a special stimulant.
The amount of stem cells obtained can be up to fifty times higher than that of the genetic cord! These have become routine procedures for volunteers. But it is also possible for patients to transplant stem cells themselves for later transplantation. - We collected stem cells from three children, who will be able to recover it in the spring - he explains Dr. Gergely Krivбn chief physician, director of the Children's Transplantation Program at St. Louis Hospital.
- The transferee is really useful for transplants, because it is less contaminated with viruses, because many of our lives are infectious. It is also a great advantage that it has immunologically superior properties, so there is no need for a complete match for the transplant. But you have to know that a lender is not always the best solution, there are serious limitations to its use.
Most importantly, in the case of genetic diseases, it is not possible to use its own blood, since the stem cells can carry the disease themselves. The amount of stem cells that can be obtained from this source is so small that it is simply not enough for forty pounds of patients. What's more, the type of childhood leukemia that can be cured by her own blood is extremely rare!

There is only one opportunity to send a genealogy letter once

Do you need it?

- I can't advise anyone not to drop their baby's baby queue - spread your hands Dr. Krisztina Hajdъ, the Chief Medical Officer of the National Center for Deafness - since there is little chance that the newborn will ever be in need - I can't be sure he won't have a word . Today, we still cannot comprehend the enormous potential for stem cell therapy in the future - but it is important to know that its current practical utility is low.
It also causes me serious doubts when such an important thing is handed over by private companies. because there is no state guarantee the fact that a company that pays hundreds of thousands of people will be there in ten or ten years' time, and will actually return the material you are using in an impeccable, usable state.
Many people say it's okay to never have to use the donated blood, and they are reassured that they will be available whenever they need it. But is it really worth keeping out of serious financial sacrifices something that you may never need - but which could save someone else's life?

Can't make money

Foreigners have been working like that for years kцldцkvйrbankokin which you can place your child's gift vouchers on a voluntary basis. The sample thus gets into the community, performs the necessary genetic tests, and can be used wherever it is needed in the world. In this case, all the benefits of stem cells derived from the germ line can be evaluated, as such a sample can be obtained in a matter of weeks because it is a duplicate sample and tested. In some cases, it may take months for donor search and for stem cell harvesting. Plus, you would receive a sample of such a stem cell bank for any of your donations, as it is today!
- In our institution, there was still no example of someone giving back their own gift - stops Dr. Gergely Krivбn. - Mathematically, there is very little chance that a child with a stem cell transplant would develop a disease in which an avid baby would have gotten the baby. But we have received foreign invitations to foreigners several times across the international donor network. We also successfully performed a transplant of a stem cell obtained from a donor when a child received the stem cells of his / her newborn small brother. That's why they didn't have to pay the parents.

Common stem cell bank

An Internationally Accepted Stem Cell Preservation Method has been introduced at the National Cognitive Center at the Midwest Cell Bank. Public and private equity fund raising was launched to allow Hungary to join the International Monetary Banking Network. Through continuous collection of specimens donated for research purposes, the lab has acquired the expertise necessary to remove, process and store the cord in a sterile and secure manner.
Termйszetesen here is that lehetхsйg sajбt cйlra gyыjtsйk йs tбroljбk the ъjszьlцtt kцldцkzsinуrvйrйt - mikцzben the OGYK Csontvelхtranszplantбciуs Kцzpontjбval megvalуsulhatott egyьttmыkцdйsben the kцzцssйgi хssejtbank, which I do not segнtsйgйvel йrheti hбtrбny whom this is not pйnze!
- Based on our histological characteristics, there are a huge number of people living in Hungary, so that the most transplant patients need to have the disease cured in their blood, with at least five thousand samples. Dr. Regéczy Nurra, lab director of the National Cure Center for Cellular Banking.
Anyone who has once donated a sample to the "community" cannot return it to the other party - But the more you decide for the public, the bigger the voters, and the faster and safer you get to all those in need!

Not everyone considers it important

The idea is nice, but how do those who know the nature of cancer and their cure in the body decide?
- More than one colleague has had a baby in the past year and no one has missed the baby's gift - says Dr. Gergely Krivбn - even though they would have had the opportunity here at the institution. We are well aware that there is little chance that you will ever need it! And if you do, there are a number of other remedies available. It is a fact that the letter of the giver is a one-time chance, but even if he / she does not survive, he / she does not feel guilty that he / she has not done everything for the child.
I see a lot of family power over this money because it feels like if you don't do it, it will bring your kid seriously. However, it might be better for you to buy a better baby in the car, or put a grab on your window - nowadays, you have a much better chance of using these tools!
Where can I store it?
Sejtbank Ltd. Phone: (20) -945-3558
Krio Institute. Tel .: (1) 416-74-53
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