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Do not underestimate: seating can help a lot

Do not underestimate: seating can help a lot

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Many people believe that walking is a "cheat", though there is increasing scientific evidence that body and mind are one of the most prominent forms of exercise.

The ability of the movement is one of the keys to the survival of the human race. According to experts, walking is probably such a good thing for us because our bodies have just developed this movement. Michael Depledge, a professor of environmental science at the University of Essex says our ancestors didn't run. They were able to walk 22 kilometers a day, continuing their hunter-gathering lifestyle.
Sammy Margo According to the physiotherapist, our body does not like the aggressive, aggressive movement that comes with jogging, for example. Our heart's work, making our circulatory system pedestrian most effective. Research shows that regular walking can reduce the risk of heart disease by half. According to Margo, walking is unlike running, with minimal injuries.

Against back pain

The waistcoat is often attributed to the fact that we should walk like this. Clive Lathey on the contrary, according to osteoporosis. Due to the shape of our pelvis and the S-shape of the spine, the human body is designed to absorb vertical forces. We are used to walking, not to hustling in front of the computer, or to juggling in front of the car.

Doing good for your help

Lucy Wyndham Read According to fitness trainer, walking does wonders for your back. During exercise, the buttocks and all the muscles of the toes work. The same is not true for jogging.

… And your brain, too

Researchers at the University of Illinois, with 120 volunteers to participate in last year's research, have shown that daily daily exercise can increase brain size. Half of the subjects walked 40 minutes three times a week for 12 months, and the rest performed stretching and strengthening exercises. At the end of the study, brain-based studies showed that the hippocampus of brain members, the brain's memory center, grew by an average of 2 percent. On the other hand, the hippocampus of the stretchers shrank by 1 percent. The leader of the research, Arthur Kramer Professor explained the fact that walking stimulates blood flow to the brain, which triggers the growth of new nerve cells. It provides the brain with a kind of "protective cushion" that protects against dementia.

Jуkedvre dernt

Walking, like other physical activities, leads to the release of the hormones of happiness, endorphin, serotonin, and dopamine. It all happens so subtly that it is the best antidote to depression.

Not after the lavish meals, but before you go!

Many people like to eat high-fat meals, although research has shown that walking before meals is more effective because it reduces the amount of junk food consumed by junk food. A study from the University of Glasgow found that a 90-minute walk before dinner reduced the level of fat by 25% before and after the onset of blood, and improved the inner walls of the blood. According to researchers, exercise improves the body's metabolism.

Count your stops!

The books of the British Government recommend 10,000 miles (about 7.5 kilometers) per day to maintain the health of the heart and the healthy weight. The average person makes 5-7500 steps without being noticed. Walk to work, or at least to the transport. May be coming together! Fast walking has the same calorie burn as jogging. Scanning requires 140 beats per minute.

Finally: super born!

Patrick O'Brien, according to a spokeswoman for the British College of Femininity in Sligo, a slow walk can really start a baby. The more pressure the baby puts on the cervix, the more oxytocin is released by the mother's body, which facilitates and regulates concussions.


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