We may be hurting young people because of cartilage abrasion

We may be hurting young people because of cartilage abrasion

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Many patients in their forties go through treatment for volume problems because they do not believe that cartilage can be touched at this age. However, osteoarthritis, which is considered almost obsessive-compulsive disorder, occurs at a young age.

We may be hurting young people because of cartilage abrasionThe reasons for this and the treatment options dr. Tamás Szily, an orthopedic traumatologist at the Center for Pain, called the attention of a business specialist.

Not only is it a risk factor for cartilage age

Many may also think that cartilage abrasion is predominantly affecting the elderly because typically 60s seek medical attention for this problem. However, there have been significant changes in this field over the last few decades, according to the US IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, which has led to the occurrence of osteoarthritis in prescription. In fact, even in the 1990s, the diagnosis of cartilage wear in the space was given to patients with a mean age of 72, by now, the average age has dropped to 56 years. More than 50% of newly diagnosed patients are in the 45-64 range, meaning that they have to deal with the painful process at a young age.

But what can be the reason for this, what can all predispose to cartilage wear?

Formal factors

So-called biomechanical factors may also cause abnormal loads on the cartilage surface.

Causes and obstruction

It is very important that we try to get rid of the extra bones in case of overuse as this can significantly reduce the burden on business.

Certain sports, previous shootings

Runners, cyclists, mountaineers, triathletes can experience the signs of cartilage wear relatively early because they often put their business under extreme strain. The previous listing was considered a risk factor.

Mobility life style

It has been proven that both excessive exercise and physical inactivity contribute to cartilage abrasion, and that is why we need to find the optimal amount and quality of movement. Gymnastics - ideal for moving in the water - is great for managing lighter business pains. Functional management by specialist guidance is also of major importance in the treatment of already established cartilage abrasion. gyуgytorna, which helps to strengthen the muscles around the business, can also be useful for exercise, cycling.

When should I consult a doctor?

  • If you experience pain and exercise stiffness in the morning or following physical exertion.
  • If the volume is sensitive, it is swollen.
  • If you have tactile and visible fluid in your shop.
  • If you experience painful clicking, popping, or crunching when you move or stretch the knee.
  • If the stability of the knee and the toe is inadequate or the circulation of the limb deteriorates.

The process can be slowed down and the pain can be reduced

- The most important thing is to intervene in a timely manner. Fortunately, there are many procedures today that can reduce pain and slow down cartilage wear - emphasizes dr. Tamil Szily, orthopedic traumatologist at the Pain Center, a specialist in business. - Pain in the space may be a good way to eliminate pain, for example. injection of hiarulonic acid, which can "oil" the business, reduce fibrillation.In other cases, another substance, medical collagen, is used and injected into the affected business. Anyone who is suffering from dryness, or needs additional treatment, may benefit from stroke therapy, which can relieve pain in the circulation of circulatory metabolism. That is, with individual or combination therapies, but can be effective in helping those who want to get rid of their pain and disabilities, especially if they are willing to do so. Lately, this can be a great help in lifestyle medicine, where a lifestyle doctor, dietitian and exercise therapist lead and support the development of an optimal lifestyle for that person.
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