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They don't want babies born at Christmas

They don't want babies born at Christmas

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Many moms use home practices to try to bring birth ahead of the holidays, according to doctors, especially at programmed cesarean.

They do not want to give birth and lead babies at ChristmasMany more babies are born before the holidays, and you can scare your little ones by giving birth dates for the holidays. Many times, the little ones themselves want the baby to be born first so that they don't have to spend the holidays in the church. Even with home practices, they try to get the baby started.Sipos Lilla According to psychologist, he told tй that unceasing birth is the best way to ensure that a baby is born without any complications, a Christmas is not worth it. Starting childbirth can lead to complications, even with a completely healthy pregnancy. When given birth, a pregnant mother is much more painful, and contractions are much stronger than natural births. In this case, there is also a greater likelihood of the mother asking for painkillers. According to a grandmother, the birth of a baby is the most beautiful Christmas gift, and if the baby is 3 days away, the mother and baby will be released during the holidays.Related articles in parenting:
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