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Laundry machines can distribute drug-resistant strains

Laundry machines can distribute drug-resistant strains

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Resistant laxatives can be spread by washing machines - researchers at the University of Bonn found in a children's hospital research.

Laundry machines can distribute drug resistant drugs (photo: iStock)In the institution a Klebsiella oxytoca This bacterium was spreading among newborns - the university said Monday. The source was a standard washing machine in which the newborns' clothes were recently washed. Fortunately, there was no dangerous infection.
The case drew attention to the fact that in households with people in need of care, antibiotic-resistant bacteria may spread along the washing machine. There is now a need to study these pathways more closely - the university said. The bacterium can cause gastrointestinal and respiratory infections and, at worst, cause fatal bleeding (sepsis). This type of bacterium Klebsiella oxytoca is so unique that it is not listed in the country. This research also provided an advantage, as its propagation path was clearly traceable. Neither the parents nor the polyps had spread the bacteria, except for the basement washing machine, where they were wearing socks and hats for newborn babies. Bacteria have spread to babies through clothing. Normally, special washing machines and washing methods are used in hospitals that work with high temperatures and disinfectants, or do laundry. However, this new class used a commercially available washing machine. "This was an extraordinary case," said Ricarda Schmithausen, head of the German Institute of Health. We showed rain that a washing machine was writing humans can also be spread by resistant bacteria - Knowledge has been highlighted. Households tend to wash at temperatures below 60 degrees Celsius for environmental reasons. This consumes less energy, which is of paramount importance for climate protection - researches say. Degrees Celsius - should be washed to prevent bacterial proliferation.
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