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A cool baby and mom for a big baby

A cool baby and mom for a big baby

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It can be used in a huge variety of ways to make a sandwich, a sweet, sweet treat, but it can be a great base. At the age of ten months, the baby can also be tasted.

Ricott's nipple batter

  • a pack of Italian bold pasta
  • 1/2 kilo bйbispenуt
  • 25 dkg ricotta
  • a clove of garlic
  • a spoon of butter
  • szerecsendiу
Thoroughly washed and cleaned nipple is tossed in a small flame, a spoon, added to the garlic and left to simmer for five minutes. In the middle, we cook the dough, drain it, and it's in the pan spenуthoz цntjьk. Finally, remove the ricotta, then season it and remove it from the fire. Immediately. Your baby's dose is peppered.
Small amounts can be given after 10 months to babies who are not at risk for allergies. Those who do, look forward to the annual age. You can give the donut 10-11 after the baby. We are very sorry for the baby, and the nutmeg can be included in the baby's schedule from 10-11 months.

Every baby loves fine delicacies

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