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Moon Sand Home - Indoor Sand Recipe

Moon Sand Home - Indoor Sand Recipe

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Peppered, crumbly, but if you tighten it, it is crunchy. It can be stretched, shaped, or even broken. What is this? Of course, moon sand!

Here's the magic moon sand home!

If you are not a fan of home-made plasticine, you will still love it because it is something completely new to your senses. The moon sand recipe can be prepared in 10 minutes, even if the kids "help" .What's extra in this sand is that gluten-free and baby-friendly. If a small piece of sand accidentally enters the small mouth, it won't hurt.

Moon sand

- 4 slices of cornstarch
- 1 cup of melted couscous oil
- Food colors (optional)Elkйszнtйs:Pour the cornstarch into a large stock. If you also use food coloring, pour it into the cup of couscous oil (a teaspoon of paint will be enough). The paint itself does not mix in the oil, so use a cutlery for this operation, the fork is best. Next, pour in the glazed couscous oil into the cornstarch overflowing. Stir up the cons. At first, the fork will be good, but you'll also need your fingers.If, after mixing, you would like to have a stronger color sand, you can now add half a cup of milk to the food coloring. If you use something more natural instead of food coloring, add cranberry juice to oil instead of paint. (Cook the cranberries in a pan over low heat, you can add some water or glycerin.) So you can be sure that your kids are 100% healthy with ingredients.Things to watch out for: the moon sand can easily scatter in the dwelling. So before the kids start playing with it, lay down the table with some big sheets of paper and put some sand on it. Cleaning up after the games will be so easy. But it's also a good solution for the kids to play with it in a big, flat outing. Good sand inside!They may also be interested in:
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