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Yeah, if you're home

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A couple of things that can make your life easier during the four weeks.

You water orrspay
You can get it in a pharmacy (Stérimar, Marimer, Aqua Mare) or fill it with salvus sparkling water with a dried and washed spray bottle. Unlike other nasal drops, this can be used many times a day, so you can rinse and keep the nasal mucosa moist.
Warm pads
Sew bags from thick woven fabric, fill with salt, cherry kernel or linseed. Warm it in the body or in the microwave, and place it on the body of the ankle (ear, cheekbone) or on the cold feet. Always try the temperature first! You can also get it ready at dm stores, drugstores.
Flammable cap
Available in a variety of sizes at the pharmacy. The gel pads are heated in water and placed in the pockets - instantly relieve the stomach.
You can get it at a pharmacy. Listening to an evening fairy tale or playing games with your baby can be used in the midst of longer time each day. The heavy air cleans the airways.
It is available in a number of different pack sizes or as a powder-coated version in the pharmacy. It is essential for nasal cleansing. It is not unpleasant, in fact, more powerful and nicer than the nose.