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A 14-day call for parents

A 14-day call for parents

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Try to follow these steps for two weeks and maybe make life a little bit easier. He'll kill a prince.

14-Day Parent Challenge

Let's face it, parenthood is full of challenges. Here's a list that will make your day a little better. Would you go? Day: Don't raise your voice all day 2. Day: Cook with your child! Sharing Prepare Good Staples and Good Fun.3. Day: At bedtime, read a joke book instead of regular books. Laugh together 4. Day: Set aside everything you do when you talk to your child. Day: Let them love you sticky notes in the apartment 6. Day: Go out for a little walk and tell him how much you like it.7. Day: Put on some music and dance together! Day: Take photos together 9. Day: Hell, hug, hug, hug! Day: Have a day free of electronics! Play, Card, Be Outdoors 11. Day: Just minutes with you, housework is worth it 12. Day: Go in and play in your room! Find out how much you think you have packed it. 13. Day: Role Swap! Let an adult be the adult and you the child! Day: Accept all manifestations without correcting them!They may also be interested in:


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