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Hasfaragу gym exercises

Hasfaragу gym exercises

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Incorporate abdominal muscle strengthening exercises into your customized fitness program at home. Begin your regular exercise by warming up and doing all the exercises until you are comfortable with fatigue.

Belly carving can begin

Also remember good breathing exercises: always breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Lie on your back, raise your knee, soles on the floor in a small pad. Put your arm next to your stocking.

Fold in your belly, slowly lift your head and shoulders as well. Keep your head level with your spine in an upright position, do not push your chest over your chest. Get down, take a breath. Repeat a few times.

Lying flat, soles on the ground. Put your hand on your thigh. from

Put your stomach in, lift your head, shoulders, your upper back, and slide your hand over your knee so that the upper back of your back rises further. Keep your head in line with your spine. Return to the starting position and repeat a few times.

Soles on the ground, in the open. Place your arms sideways to the height. Fold it in! I followed this:

With your arm slightly raised, touch one side of the other side of the thigh with the other hand. Get back down and repeat the practice a few times on the other side.

Sitting narrowly, hands on hips. Soles on the ground for support, keep your feet straight and lightly stretch them on the back. It can now access:

Hold your foot firmly on the ground and lean on your back until you can keep your spine straight. In this position, rotate it up and down a few times with small movements. After a rest, repeat to the pleasant tiredness.

Use your fingers to lift your arms high. Offer then:

Wide your arms wide to the side and lean on the back with a straight line of fire. Return to the starting position, repeat at a slow pace a few times.