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Pregnancy care in the losers

Pregnancy care in the losers

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We have designed a mix that contains useful information for everyone on the recommended baby tests. It wasn't easy! We stumbled upon queries and strangers all the time, and sometimes we lost some yarn.

Pregnant care is a loser

Called Pregnant Care vizsgбlatsorozat its goal is to have as much as possible healthy baby so that you remain healthy in the midst of it. Legitimate if we look at this period. The system of "Pregnant Care" is very word-of-mouth for us, so it's a good idea to think through two things before you start examining for examination. Many good solutions are possible. The number of exams is far from over, as you can come up with countless suggestions for possible problems. It depends on what specialist brought the fate together.

Who can you turn to?

Pregnancy care in Hungary hбziorvos, szьlйsz-nхgyуgyбsz йs vйdхnх It could be done all the way through July 1, 2014, when inclusive changes were introduced. If your pregnancy is low-risk, you may need to consult a nurse or midwife szьlйsznх even with high-risk pregnancies, only a specialist can go to a pregnant woman. There is a high risk amongst others for the age of the mother (over 40 years or younger than 18), but naturally, the medical protocol defines a number of cases where medical care can only come during pregnancy.
Breastfeeding nurses can also carry out fetal cardiac function tests, palpation tests, and urine, blood pressure and glucose tests.

Here's how to get a book

THE Pregnancy status the task of the maternal grandmother remained. Care-related experiences should be kept in the maternity care book by the caregiver. Pregnant women must be informed of the compulsory examinations. Pregnant women should also inform their doctor when they are pregnant, so that if they are pregnant, they can choose to have a baby for the duration of their care.
The doctor or the nurse нrбsban inform the guardian of the events. The defender must record the pregnancy week, the risk classification, the name of the service provider with territorial responsibility, the name of the child, based on the medical report, and the name of the child.
THE It is the job of the wizard from 2014 onwards: Pregnancy Care Book Exhibition, Helping Pregnant Mother to Prepare for Baby and Baby Care, and also issue a certificate that the pregnant mother has taken part in the pregnancy.

AFP is useful, but not in itself!

An AFP examination of a maternal blood at week 16 is one of the many possible biochemical tracers. Two decades ago, we were able to test only this one, but today the palette has expanded significantly as far as the technical options are concerned. However, OEP only pays AFP for all mothers, and in some cases, if the result is different from the normal range, a marker, the free ЯHcg test, may be given.
However, this has a low probability rate, and often results in frustrating concerns, which make many small women unnecessarily subject to further examinations that can result in miscarriages in a dozen cases. In countries to the west of our country, this screening test is just not done on its own, with just about any additional biochemical markers, so you can increase the original number by up to 95 percent.
The College of Nursing and Vocational Education has also discussed the extension of the exam, but no final decision or professional opinion has been made. The main reason for this is that even though countless facts show that AFP is not reliable in itself, OEP cannot finance much more expensive tests.
"The most important thing is the ultrasound of the 12th week, on which a good specialist can do a lot of good with the help of a good craftsman," explains Beatrix Dobrova pomzzi. - Besides measuring the fetal cervical vertebrae, we can measure the size of the nose, the bone, the volume of the stomach and bladder, the length of the tubular bones, and examine some types of lymph nodes. Based on this, the risk of Down syndrome, as well as open spine and other internal developmental abnormalities can be determined. The ultrasound and dual biochemical markers (PAPP-A and free ЯHcg) performed at this time, supplemented with a quartet test at week 16, provide the most accurate 94-percent probability index for Down syndrome. The result can be confirmed by a diganoscopic examination (chorionic biopsy or amniocentesis), which clearly shows that the fetus has Down syndrome. We always explain this to our little ones. With regard to AFP, it is worth noting that there is no mandatory examination in the Hungarian legal system, and everyone has the right to reject it.
The AFP examination expired on July 1, 2014. (ed.)
However, you may decide to run several biochemical markers at your own expense. You should invest in this if you have a genetic disorder in your family, if you have been thirty years old, and if you have any doubts about ultrasound.
In our table, we summarize which test name is covered and when. The price of the examinations is between 25-38 thousand HUF. As you can see, except for the combined test, all tests include the AFP test. If you have done one of these tests, an additional AFP test is unnecessary. The yellow-colored test is free for pregnant women under contract with Sejtbank Kft.
First thirds
filtration: 12-14. hйt
2nd third
filtration: 16-19. hйt
Combined Test (Payment)PAPP-A, free ЯHcg
ultrasound checkerboard and nasal bone
Integrated test (payment)PAPP-AAFP, uE3, free ЯHcg, inhibin A
Quad or Quartet Test (Pay)AFP, uE3, free ЯHcg, inhibin A
Sequencing (payment)Combined testTest four
AFP (all insured
for a little baby)
AFP + in some cases free ЯHcg

Unique solutions

- Examinations used during pregnancy care are not "obligatory" - confirms what Dr. Tamás Fülöp said. - I would rather say that the care of pregnant women is based on Hungarian customary law. Thus, the "Mandatory" test series includes three complete urine and blood tests, four times ultrasound, AFP (not since 2014!), hepatitis, and weekly CTG tests at week 36. But it's very unique how you do what you do. There really is no one-size-fits-all system. But if, after all, it turns out that an exam has failed and that any person has suffered from it, the doctor will be sued and will be sued.
In the meantime, we have to do a lot of unnecessary examinations, with the result that the mother goes from clinic to clinic. This is often not the result of fear of disease, but rather of perches. Because there is no mandatory prescription - perhaps the medical textbook protocol could be considered, but in many respects it is time-consuming because it includes the need for an AFP examination. That's how everyone works at their best. For example, in my private practice, I recommend the combined test instead of AFP.
In this case, the expectant mother pays, not the OEP. But I do find it worth it because you can't measure how much anxiety your mother gives you with a AFP. It makes it difficult for me to be a GP and not to refer to exams, so my patients have to appear in specialist clinics. I don't always get help from guys, because they often look for "compulsory" exams. Everybody thinks something is important, and that's why they do it. I think one of the most important in this process is ultrasound. It would probably be a good idea for this to happen in high quality machines with the help of highly trained professionals in specialized centers.
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