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I just told the doctor I was expecting a baby

I just told the doctor I was expecting a baby

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Our readers did not believe in the quick pregnancy test. The doctor had to convince him that a new life was coming.

I was a Sabin, I spent my relatively quiet days. Office life did not force the stamp on my mood; He didn't come. In the first days I didn't even get excited, like a couple of days csъszбs not a world, but a week, that's a week. I told my father that kйsik, for sure. We got into a car and got home with a pregnancy test from the nearest hypermarket fragrance department. Excitement in the toilet and in the yard. Waiting for five minutes, and suddenly I was suffering from double vision: two stings. Ъjraolvasбs. Point-to-point revision and re-interpretation of the operating instructions. Megtцrtйnt. But the same diagnosis. I'm not alone. Gyomorgцrcs. I went out, because I couldn't be a prisoner of the wash. I couldn't believe what I saw there.
The conclusion: another test will tell you the tutti. He's back in the car, oops, and heading to the pharmacy. I put the most up-to-date, super-accurate test and took it home, and then peeing. The result is now a cross, a plus sign. Two shepherds said I was not alone. So, after a quick phone call and a time appointment, we're already there to order. I got in, I was excited. I told the doc that the two shots showed me moving into my one-room luxury suite. Add, I didn't feel anything.
In movies, pregnancy always comes from a constant feeling of sickness, and I had the problem of not having to work nхtt my breast is not one size but at least two sizes. So I am on the exam table, Doc Benze, in Latin discourse, smiling pleasantly and tensely. Laying on the ultrasonic table, he began to examine the inside with cold cookers. The numbers came again, the cloud of Latin words, and I asked for it because I hadn't sinned. What's up? Well yes! There's a sub there, now called Zigzag! Suddenly I didn't know whether to laugh or laugh. I could not and did not want to decide what would happen next. I received a referral for a blood tax, and then checked out the order. I sat down with my sweetheart and told him he was a day old! Elkйpedt. Х neither, nor did I know how to go. We didn't want that now. The hesitation lasted one to two weeks. The decision was born shortly, Zigi remains, and we will be given a new nickname: Mom and Dad.
It's Bernadett