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Dad only has one?

Dad only has one?

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Few years ago, we only met with paternity examinations in movies and series, and nowadays it is a common practice in Hungary as well.

If somebody he begins to argue about fatherhoodlike anonymous, find out the truth relatively quickly and completely painlessly. We've covered how this process works and the consequences we need to prepare for.Honesty, goodwill, mistrust, broken relationship - Dozens of beliefs, family tragedy, could endure a paternal examination. But why their numbers have grown so much gives a surprising answer dr. Bezzegh Attila Laboratory Specialist, head of one of the paternity testing institutes.As soon as series of documentary history stories have been launched on television, an increase in the number of exams has been statistically demonstrated. Mбsrйszt they also bought affordable. Five to six years ago, they have cost two to three thousand forints, and today they are between thirty and fifty thousand forints. The third reason is that there are now exams that may not have been available before, prenatal paternity examination.The rest are very costly - costing about one hundred and fifty thousand forints - and surprisingly many people ask for it, about once every two months. In total, we did twice as many examinations last year as we did a few years ago.

The DNA doesn't lie

A paternal test can be done by anyone in your country. You don't need more than one sterile pбlcбval a sample of the tracheal sperm cells - a weekly spleen pattern - from the child and the presumed apostle. If you want to do this anonymously, you won't even have to meet anyone. In the Baker mail, you take the sampling tools - two boxes -, take a sample of the kid's home and his own home, put the boxes back in the lab, and return the test to the lab. DNA vizsgбlatbуl 99.99 percent currency shows whether there is a father-child relationship between two people. But we can ascertain not only the father-child but also the sibling and even the grandparents' relationship.

Dad only has one?

"We have compared chromosome materials in the DNA chain that do not change from generation to generation," says dr. Bezzegh Attila. "The presence of these determines who the person is from. We see 20-26 areas. If there is a difference, it may be that the particular gйnszakasz. But if there are two or three lines of difference, then that father's child cannot be a child. "

Overwhelming evidence?

The result obtained cannot be used in a paternity trial with the same weight of evidence as the results of a peer-reviewed expert examination, but is for information purposes only. At the same time, the test can help you to start a lawsuit. The father thus receives new information that may overthrow the wish that he the lawful father of a child. However, if the father does not file a lawsuit within one year after the test, he will not be able to do so afterwards - he says dr. Gaabl Edina Law.If any litigant disputes the outcome of an out-of-court examination, the court will re-order the DNA Test in official, recorded form. Dr. Attz Bezzegh also says that the skin is often performed by private laboratories, because state institutions do not always have to do the tests for the price of three to three thousand forints, because you have to йvekben.

What's in the backyard?

For the most part, everyone knows the results ahead of time, says the lab doctor. This is what happens when a woman is born a child of a new relationship, so that she has not lost her husband. According to Hungarian law, the father who was a woman between the ages of 182 and 300 before the birth of the child is required to prove the contrary in a paternal lawsuit. In such unambiguous situations - when the mother, the biological and the presumptive father co-operate - they are not litigated, but before the skin it is possible to overthrow and assert the fatherhood - we learned from dr. Edina Gaabl Lawyer. "One of the most common reasons in our cases is that someone is obsessed with something"says Attila Bezzegh." This happens most often during the election period or during the voluptuary - either because the man has lost confidence in the relationship or because he is confronted with what he has to do. There are not many tests where a male's new couple, relying on women's perception, suggests that the male's a child of a previous marriage really not the uvée. My experience is that these female senses generally work. " prenatal paternity tests represent. Recent methods allow the mother and father's blood to determine whether the child is descended from the presumed father without the fetus being subjected to any intervention. " DNA molekulбkthat occur only in the fetus. Here, however, the DNA chain is not compared at 22 points, but at 317,000, which is why the procedure is so costly, "explains Dr. Attz. Bezzegh. her pregnancy does not derive from it.

The worst thing for a kid

The paternity test, the lawsuit, and the burdens that go with it are most harmful to the child - show dr. Sli Бgota pszichiбter. "If it turns out to the child that he or she thought he or she was not his or her father, and that he or she was hiding it, it is a tragic situation. because you think he was wrong, that's why it could happen. At the age of three, when you first ask the child how he or she was born, he or she should be told at his or her level. It is very important to be clear about the origin, because to establish relationships with parents and to integrate into society ".