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This is when you will be given the varicella vaccine

This is when you will be given the varicella vaccine

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There is no change in the timeline for the application of the Binding Vaccine Vaccination, so it should be given to children between 13 and 16 months of September.

Meckler Cecnlia, a national medical officer, said the professional position is that children should be protected at the earliest possible age, when maternal immunity is not present in the child's body, so that the effect is effective.This is when you will be given the varicella vaccine Two vaccinations are needed to develop a vaccine against varicella, so children who are 13 months of age will receive their first vaccine after September 1, so that they will receive their vaccine from September to October, vaccine.According to the Association of Home Pediatricians, it would be better to administer the vaccine at 15 and 18 months of age, along with other vaccines, Ceclia possible reaction can be accurately identified.Most commented that the obligatory vaccine is a responsibility of the state, which is why special attention is warranted.The expert said that common thousands of patients are registered said .Бprilisban the egйszsйgьgyйrt felelхs бllamtitkбr to idйn szeptembertхl kцtelezх vйdхoltбs will bбrбnyhimlх vaccine, which vйdхoltбssal against kцltsйgvetйsi forrбs jut.A bбrбnyhimlх HUF 1.3 milliбrd tizenkettхre bхvьlt kцtцtt the йletkorhoz kцtelezх vйdхoltбsok szбma. These include: gummy-bump (tbc), throat, tetanus, tetanus, mumps, curvature, pneumonia, hepatitis B, hepatitis B, hepatitis B and vaccination against varicella, to be introduced from September.
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