Five Quick Dinner Ideas - You're Ready in 20 Minutes!

Five Quick Dinner Ideas - You're Ready in 20 Minutes!

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You don't have much time to cook, just put something together? Many times, so many of us are like this, and it would be nice if someone gave us some super tips on what to put on the table.

False paella

Dice the chicken breast, toss it in a good skillet with the onions glazed over the glass. If the chicken breasts are whitish, add some rice and hot chicken stock. In 5 to 10 minutes and you're done! Add whatever greens you just find at home: peppers, tomatoes, peppers, and any spice you want, whether it's garlic, pepper, chili or saffron.We'd add that crabs and mussels would be the real thing, of course, but these addicts aren't part of an ordinary Thursday evening dinner (unfortunately).

Testa with greenery

Tastes are, by themselves, quick meals, and generally the time we spend spends the time. Sprinkle mushrooms, zucchini, green peas, roast, pepper, or toast with one liter of water and start cooking. After boiling, remove the lid so that once the dough has softened, you can even mix some cream.

Quesadilla, as the family likes

This recipe includes some cheating (since the most important thing is to be quick, right?), So it's based on the tortillas available in stores. Of course, this can be done at home, but we will not take the time.And why is your pet favorite? Because you can own whatever you like: mushrooms, bacon, sausage, meat (chicken, pork), greens (broccoli, donuts, corn), cheese - just as much as you think. Thin the fillings into thin slices and grease them on grease. In the meantime, you can start warming a tortilla slab in another pan. Add cheese and toppings (say meat or greens). Next, cover with another tortilla, squeeze it a little, then turn the whole thing over to flush both sides!

With chicken fries

Fortunately, the chicken (especially the chicken breast) dries up very quickly, during which time we can risk some potatoes and overcook parsley croutons. Sounds good, right?


Almost everyone in the class has a cooker recipe, such as a delicious green peppercake that has the kind of trick or treat that goes into the younger generations of family mendemons. Whatever the case, with so many houses, all the practice that we have in common is that the green peppercorns can be cooked simply and very quickly! Also worth reading:
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