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Marcsi's Passionist: Kispapa 4

Marcsi's Passionist: Kispapa 4

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I don't know if all my parents had a moment when he felt the need for a wake up nap just as soon as he was born. For me yes.

What is the miracle?
12-16. hйt
I dearly spend my holiday with the bigger two, while our third child grows in my wife's tummy, who then comes with a surprising announcement: not the doctor she has lately! Do you have a third doctor for your third child? - please, since we had a doctor's exchange after the first birth, but the answer is no. Now she doesn't even choose a doctor, instead she will have a baby girl (pardon, midwife) and give birth where she is allowed to.
I'm fine, but I remember we weren't so relaxed before our first little baby. The doctor's choice was preceded by lengthy research work with many interviews conducted by my wife in the circle of friends who were recently born. Finally, he decided on a "big-name" doctor who was tired of working in a far-flung hospital but we thought he would.
I, too, was serious about giving birth, and attended a hospital-based training course. Of course, all I can remember is that I have to go to the Streets after the birth to do the paperwork (kind, cuddly, csp, etc.). Since then, this useful information is obsolete, the Tыzoltу street office seems to be ...
I was excited on the day of birth. We made the long journey to the hospital, spent a lot of time in the living room, and the end of the prolonged fatigue became cesarean. But it was still a miracle. I remember when I moved my wife from the baby room to my office, and I moved there next to the baby, and in just two minutes, they gave me a little bit of a boner, He also came across the mysterious locked door just like the revived Christmas tree with old-time gifts in my childhood. The miracle did not go away, although I was not present at the moments of birth.
But many people have said that the real miracle is to see the baby from beginning to end. Because I didn't live my second daughter's birth, even though it was normal fatherhood. Of course not the faster one either. At dawn the cobblestones started at home, and we went to the one-corner house in the morning. Because with this kid, my wife changed doctor and hospital, but not the proximity of the hospital. It's also about giving birth to a smooth birthing experience. Well, this was a delightful dandelion, by which time the child would run out. And at dawn I saw that my wife was suffering and could not help her. Because, of course, she has suffered as much as she should, as much as an average parent. Perhaps the suppressed sadistic proponents are wonderful to do this, but I was depressed. And that was the bigger part of the birth. To this end, the extraction phase was still only a few minutes, and yes, the end of it still holds the miracle. But in the same way, there was a slight, uneasy moment for me. For example, what can you do in this case? And do you really want to do the cord for me? I hadn't photographed and taken the cord again, but the daisy was still a miracle. I think it is a ceremony that makes no sense and does not give the father any infantile advantage. Because you only hold a cold steel dude in your hand and encourage him to cut the bond between the mother and the child physically and perhaps even symbolically. And are you expecting me to do this proudly ?! Should I just break them apart? I won't be any closer to either of these, nor will I feel better than the doctor who sewed the head of my bigger girl when the letter in a kindergarten accident finally gave me the dad, zsinуrt! "
All of this is light on the fact that my wife has now chosen a baby boy to replace me. Because if I understood the role of the puppy well, it could put me in a series of uncomfortable situations and help my wife. It's strange to me that I consider this traditional position good, despite my modern view of the world, but it seems to us that it has been good for our ascendants for many centuries. That is, a woman helps her mother and is not a doctor.
Another thing I have noticed in my family and friends is that choosing a doctor is one of the easiest points to get pregnant. Most mothers-to-be choose based on personal recommendations, if they can, and even if their birth was the same doctor in the nursery. I thought they were a bit homeless and dare not turn to strangers, especially not the firstborn. Of course, I wrote this down, because maybe a wild alien doctor in a hallway is sympathetic, but your mom doesn't know what your baby will be like. And this can't be tested, and the baby doctor can't take it to a prubborn. Most of the time, however, they will not give up their old doctor even if it has not occurred in previous occasions. Because it's a relationship of trust, and I've never been involved in my wife's choice of doctor. (Although when I was pregnant, I found what a good young doctor I found, it was hard for me to stay silent!) who are good with a doctor, they should switch, because they can not count on anyone else during childbirth. And just because the "dumb professor Shr" has had just a few successful births, he doesn't have to fall in his stomach! A small number of children were born without the presence of professors or doctors. But if there is an elected doctor there, the one whose presence soothes, assists, not troubles or disturbs. And if the dad's presence is tense and disturbed, he may be expelled from the room. No need to worry, I can reassure every little one: the miracle is not what happens in the living room, but when you hold your baby for the first time!


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