Three-day fever

Three-day fever

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It is not easy to recognize this virus infection, even though by the age of two almost all children are affected. The disease begins with a high fever and no other symptoms.

After three days, the stomach and the red edges on the abdomen are crazy: they have a three day old fever (exanthema subitum). The 39-41 degree fever lasts for three days, when the most important things to do are fever measurement, dampening of the fluids, and adequate fluid intake.
The baby usually lives, does not feel bad, has no complaints. Sudden cessation of fever will result in lacrimal dislocations on the body, less frequently on the limbs and on the face. They disappear by the day, and so do the illness. The infection is most spread through the parental handle, so it is not good to lick your small dummy.
The onset of the disease is five to fifteen days before the latency. Pancreas is a special herpes virus.

The fever must be alleviated

There is no need for any other medicines besides the fatty anesthetic because 3-day-old fever is a harmless disease. In 68 percent of the cases associated with gastritis, cough, with loss of throat, lymph node swelling. Very rare cases include hepatitis or cerebral palsy.


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