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Pregnancy: Vitamin D can prevent autism

Pregnancy: Vitamin D can prevent autism

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There were no autistic traits in mice whose mothers received vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy, according to researchers from the University of Queensland.

Pregnancy: Vitamin D can prevent autism

Experts at the Institute's Brain Research Institute say that recent findings are adding to the evidence that Vitamin D plays a key role in brain development - read Science Science Darryl Eyles the studies considered the most widely accepted criteria for autism and considered those mice that behaved abnormally, had difficulties in social interaction, in their primary learning processes and in their stereotypes. over the same period, we were treated with active vitamin D and brought to the world post-mortem conditions that did not develop, "said the researcher at the Brain Research Institute There has been a correlation between vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy and increased risk of autism. Autism is a major contributor to the world's high levels of affluence and social relationships, as well as to communication. Wei Luan Although vitamin D plays a key role in maintaining bone health, an active, hormonal form cannot be given to pregnant women because it can influence the development what is the need for cholecalciferol - a safe form of vitamin D for pregnant women - for pregnant women.
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