He wrote a letter to a British girl called Santa Claus

He wrote a letter to a British girl called Santa Claus

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No homage, but a warm home and a nice meal from Mikuláš.

He wrote a letter to a British girl called Santa ClausA 7-year-old baby wrote a letter to Santa Claus, but he didn't ask for gifts, but warm home and food - he writes a Christmas mailbox every year in Liverpool so kids can send a letter to Santa. All letters are opened. According to the BBC, there was also a strong and sad message in the mail, in which a baby asked for home and food from Santa Claus. If you get into it, you want a nice new baby. The letter started to spread again in the media these days, though not yet. (photo: L6 Community Center) Gerard Woodhouse, a local councilor said they had found the baby and family currently living with relatives. It was not clear what happened to their home. An event is organized for the family to spend Christmas in a nice hotel room.
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