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For genetic reasons, boys are fond of trains

For genetic reasons, boys are fond of trains

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There are no social conventions and no cultural reasons why little boys, at 3-4 years of age, are fond of trains, and girls are keen on the kitchen, but genetics are in the backyard.

There are genetic reasons why boys are fond of trainsEven with their little boys, the affection for the trains and the vehicles can be observed well. This gender also appears in monkeys, the Index reports.
But what attracts the boys to the dumpsters, the trains? At first, many people think that they can be attributed to the spirit of the age, even to social expectations, to education: to show our trucks to boys first, and to give them such gifts in public. The girls do the same thing: they get small kitchen utensils, pink dolls, and we show them that, so they meet in the peer group. That's right, the contemporary childhood environment has a fundamental influence on interest, but one thing we didn't take into account is that monkeys are exactly the same. : the monkeys were on the train, the monkeys were dolling. Genetic, biological background differences are also indicated by the fact that sex differences can be detected in babies younger than 3 months: the subject can be seen for a period of time. Research has also shown that the higher the level of testosterone, the better the choice of games for the boy. Not sure why that is. The assumption is that children are interested in different games because they can develop their abilities were more important for their former tasks. Sure, there were no trains or dumpers for thousands of years, but it is assumed that girls like to play with games that enhance social behavior and boys with games that enhance their physical ability, the world. Of course, this is generally true, with countless exceptions.
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