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Is decaffeinated coffee just as healthy?

Is decaffeinated coffee just as healthy?

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Can we drink hot tea daily? Do you consume traditional caffeine or decaffeinated coffees?

Is decaffeinated coffee just as healthy?Sao Paolo University's research team of 4,400 test subjects found that three days a day helps keep the arteries clean, prevents arteriosclerosis, and protects the body from developing heart disease. Now, Brazilian scientists suggest that three times a day has a very positive effect on the body, according to medicalonline Index. However, it is known that caffeine is not responsible for the positive effect, as this beneficial effect can be observed in both traditional and non-caffeine-intake recipients. The health limit for the daily intake of caffeine is four milligrams a day, or 400 milligrams or more, to increase the risk of blood pressure and systemic diseases.Related articles about coffee consumption:
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