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It has never been so easy to win pelus

It has never been so easy to win pelus

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It has never been so easy to win pelus

Now you can easily get rid of the pelus procurement problem (for a while). In our Reliable Defense game, we draw 500 nappies a week from the voters. And if you submit a birthday, you can win up to 1500 Pampers diapers!

Pampers and the Baby Room, a 6-week game, wins 100 votes to 100 nappies a week, and at the end of the game, one lucky one with a 1500-pound "diaper tip" will be the lucky one to submit.

Play weekly

Within six weeks, we will post a question that everyone can answer only once. That is, you can only play once every week. After you enter your name, email address, and child's age in the poll, you also have to respond to a inquiry request that appears in a pop-up window. After a given week, it will be the lottery that decides which 5 votes will win 100-100 Pamper Active Baby Dry diapers. (The special extra moisturized diaper can be found HERE)The names of the winners go out on the microsite, it is worth tracking the results. Of course, the winners will also be notified via email, with whom we will match the mailing of the prize.

How to win the prize?

On the one hand, the prize must be voted on at least once a week, and you must submit your own birth story, which is at least 1500 characters. At the end of the game, a professional jury will select the top 5 stories that will be "competed" by fans on their Facebook page. In the 48 hours, the most birth-catching Like collection carries my head - the 1500 Pampers Active Baby Dry diaper.
Since only the best compete in the finals, it is worthwhile to have a better record of the birth history and to have a good time! (You can send the text in the post-vote window, but you can also send it to the customer service email address. In the subject matter, please note: Vivien Medina will also be of help to you. read here…