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Why don't you sleep all night?

Why don't you sleep all night?

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Since I was born, I haven't slept a whole night until the end of the night - many of us complain, light and fatigued, especially when the baby is still up at eight months.

We are great investigators if we can only keep our eyes open for the day without sleep. Before you think your child is sleep deprived, let us clarify the point: from the second half of the year onwards, many babies have the same phenomenon. They will wake up many times during the night, shiver, or comfort them, or (less often) not, and then fall asleep for a short period of time and start all over again. Typically, this happens for one to two weeks, and then comes a more relaxed period, and then waking up again.

Why don't you sleep the night?

What can be the cause of sunburn?

1. Mostly the tooth

Up to two to three weeks before this tooth is actually prevented by this kind of restlessness causes pain. Typically, after the tooth has been replaced, there is some rest.

2. Many frustrations during the day

The little explorer is pushing, he would most like to grab, grab and smoke everything, but far too much is lost, too many bans. This can lead to her sleep being restless and troubled. Try to unpack everything that could be a problem, but leave it with interesting, unsafe waterfall.

3. Sick

For example, the headache is accompanied by a bitter, inconsolable cry, but it is not typical to last for weeks. Many babies are clogged nose also a big problem. He does not breathe properly, breathes with his mouth open, and his mouth flushes out in seconds. The pangs of vlada fьlfбjбst can also cause. A soggy nasal spray can help with this, and a little evening nasal discharge. Keeping the window open all night and trying to keep the bedroom temperature well below seventy degrees will make your baby sleep better if she has a baby. The very warm, dry air in the heated room will definitely exacerbate the problem.

4. It's too hot

If your baby is awake with your horn awakened under the dress and you feel wet, sweaty, then you may have the big heat bother. In the summer, give me less clothes, but you should not use air conditioning, but rather air. Be sure to lower your haircut for the night and see what's going on during the sick season.

5. Shh

As you approach one year of age, it is not uncommon for a child to barely eat during the day, so he is so worried about discovering the world, the pressure. At night, when all the tranquility and darkness, that is, the impoverishment of the environment, is easier to suck on, of course, you miss what you miss in the sun. If the reason for the awakening was hunger, then it's not a good idea to have candied milk peppers for dinner. Breastfeeding is the fastest way to get back to sleep, with the least amount of fuss.

6. Thirst

If you think you are waking up to thirst, breastfeeding is still the best option. If you are not breastfeeding or you feel like it, the liquid you take in will not be enough, it should be flushed with clean water and a glass. Never give her fruit juices, sugary or other soft drinks at night!

7. Insecurity

If you have something that regularly or just recently raises your baby's spiritual calamity, you can also count on the darker nights. For example, moving, family quarrels, mum's hiring or regular absences, and the appearance of new faces around the baby. In this case, a more effective night-time breastfeeding is a particularly good, restored confidence measure. Try to keep your peace! If you manage to accept the situation in a relaxed, calm way, then you may not feel so angry or irritated by the many alarms. Your baby will also relax more easily if you have peace of mind.

8. Mom's patience has run out, baby has strengthened her

If you try to quit night-time wakes and breastfeeding during the next year, you can also be prepared to the opposite will happenthan you want. More frequent awakening, even longer lung. Because you are not yet at the level of intellectual development to understand what you want, you only increase frustration and insecurity. It is much better to prevent such a situation. Wait until your child makes a good deal of their first bargain between the ages of two and a half, then try to get there sooner. But by then, the problem may have disappeared.

9. Pnnikroham

"Pavor nocturnus"- This is called this weird and slightly scary seizure. The child is awake and frustrated. He is as if he is not awake. you want to suckle, you don't answer, you just stare at yourself and your bubble. It doesn't happen very often before the age of eight months, it is more common than one year old.


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